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Round Hill Plans This section includes details about planning policy, issues and particular applications affecting the Round Hill area. Use the site directory (scroll down to the heading "Planning") to research specific properties.

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10 Multiple Choice questions on the planning process

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Taking part in the planning process







Planning applications are best supported or opposed -  not through petitions, but by online comment after accessing proposals via the The Council's Planning Register. Don't forget that you can also email members of the planning committee 7-10 days before the proposals come before them. Use links (below) for further detail:


What requires planning permission in The Round Hill conservation area? See: Article 4 Direction - A4/22 - Round Hill Conservation Area

 View &/or make comments on Council website



Applications which local residents in Round Hill have been monitoring:


How much extra parking stress can RH take?

When permit uptake reaches 80% or over within a controlled parking   zone, BHCC requires applicants hoping for on-street parking space to submit a parking survey. The Crescent Rd and Carelet parking surveys fail to mention the % figure on permit uptake within the Area-J zone.

Do you know the %? Click here for BHCC Highways' % figure or click on the picture for Dominic Furlong's Crescent Road bullet points:











Land to the rear of 28 Crescent Road


Read comments on application BH2019/00072 and write your own.

  1. The Round Hill Society's objection to removal of car-free condition
  2. Dominic Furlong's critique of inaccurate figures on parking stress calculates that parking stress for Crescent Road is 110% - well over the 80% recommended maximum.
  3. 15 points to make in response to the two surveys.

6 three-storey houses to the rear of Princes Road










  1. Application to remove car-free condition 8
  2. Criticisms of supporting document & parking survey
  3. Further variation of design of Gatehouse & Refuse / Recycling

With the addition of 6 cars, Section 4.3 of the parking survey arrives at an average parking stress figure of 89.27% (the maximum should be 90%) based on just two off-beat surveys within quiet months of the year.

Resident Neil Griffiths argues that the figure of 89.3% given in the parking survey submitted with BH2018/00881 is wrong.


The parking survey (see supporting statement)  BH2018/00881 measures night time parking on 23rd November 2017 and 16th January 2018. 

But these are hardly as busy dates as May festival, Pride Weekend, Christmas and Easter holidays.


Proposal for 3 small additional flats

BH2018/03222 Erection of three storey rear extension to create 3no additional one bedroom flats (C3), associated internal alterations. | 3 Upper Lewes Road & 1A And 1B Wakefield Road Brighton BN2 3FJ. Consideration of how the graffiti issue relating to the long wall could be suggested. Good design and could work as a car-free development. BHCC's Highways Department has noticed that this application lacks a parking survey and generates a demand for 3 extra on-street parking spaces. See comment for & on behalf of BHCC's Highways.

45 - 47 Hollingdean Road Brighton BN2 4AA

Add your comment & view details at BH2017/01873

Developer's sketch of 87-apartment scheme

hollingdean road



















Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a part 2,3,4 and 5 storey building including basement to form 87 student rooms (Sui Generis), communal student facilities, plant room, cycle storage, 2no disabled parking spaces, recycling and refuse facilities, vehicular access and associated works on site of Gerry Ingram, the former motor-cycle shop

The location of this proposed scheme is very close to residents at the east end of Richmond Road and the north end of D'Aubigny Road. The site is on the far side of the service road from the mouth of Hughes Road into Sainsbury. Residents will recall a 138-room scheme on the near side of the same service road which would have involved the demolition of Richmond House.

CKC Properties Ltd are involved in several major schemes locally to provide purpose-built accommodation for students: e.g. Pelham Terrace, £42m conversion of the Lectern Pub on Lewes Road and the University of Brighton's £150m plans for Preston Barracks

Safe crossing for Upper Lewes Road



 If they can do it in Ditchling Road, why can't they make a safe crossing point in Upper Lewes Road?







Policies which aim to protect conservation areas

Fern Villa 1879
picture taken from Tenantry Down near Brighton Race Course



London Road Station - a heritage asset click here or on picture below to read why! London Road Station

The Round Hill Society gets things done...

Vehicle access to & from Upper Lewes Road

...with help from the Council & residents who report problems!

This has now been solved. Thank you to all who played a part. We are aware that there are road safety concerns which have been raised which will need both more funding and community/political will if they are to be solved.

Indexes to articles written during campaigns

Brighton and Hove City Council has now redesigned its planning register. It is good to see that objections are made anonymous and are now saved under the DOCUMENTS TAB for the relevant applications.

When The Round Hill Society website was started in 2005, comments had to be submitted to the Council on paper.  Therefore within the Council's current register, the documents tab for some very controversial objections (Veolia's original application to locate the WTS at Hollingdean Depot BH2006/00900 drew 2157 objections) contain the developer's professionally produced documents, but not the objections. Also The PLANS LISTS i.e. the Agendas and Minutes on the Planning Committee page only go back to May 2008. The effect is to make planning history a little one-sided.

The top row of buttons access indexes to some long articles, written in the heat of campaigning, but they are relevant to Round Hill and restore an element of balance to planning history. I have archived and deleted some of these articles (many of which use the same arguments), but feel better about doing this when long-running sagas have settled.

The bottom row of buttons do not relate to ongoing campaigns, but to subjects where some background information might prove interesting or helpful. The button on Community Policing would be relevant to residents wanting to run a Neighbourhood Watch or to lobby for more Police Community Support Officers.

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