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What requires planning permission in The Round Hill conservation area? See: Article 4 Direction - A4/22 - Round Hill Conservation Area

Click here if you are concerned about an existing or proposed HMO House of Multiple Occupation.

Click here to see the appeal inspector's verdict on planning condition 12, which still makes 28A Crescent Road a car-free development. This part of the appeal was dismissed.

The Academic Corridor: 2007 Regeneration Strategy 3.3 ]
2017 update. Building "the neighbourhood of knowledge"

Round Hill Plans












This section includes details about planning policy, issues and particular applications affecting the Round Hill area.

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Brighton and Hove City Council's Planning Register

Taking part in the planning process







Planning applications are best supported or opposed -  not through petitions, but by online comment after accessing proposals via the The Council's Planning Register. Don't forget that you can also email members of the planning committee 7-10 days before the proposals come before them. Use links (below) for further detail:

10 Multiple Choice questions on the planning process

The Future of Brighton General

Andrew Partington reports on the redevelopment of the Brighton General Hospital site, which involves a proposal to build a new NHS clinic there for a wide range of outpatient services, releasing most of the rest of site for housing.


Living near a Waste Transfer Station

Click here for notes from the public meeting held on 26th February 2020 following the fire at the Waste Transfer Station on 25th & 26th August 2019 which raised safety concerns among local residents.

See also: Demand for answers after Waste Depot fire
The Argus 6th September 2019

E-Petition: narrowing Crescent Rd junction

See Google Earth for recent view junction of Crescent Rd and Princes Crescent. Click here to view the petition and what its authors are proposing. When I last looked, this petition had achieved 144 signatures and there was a response from the officers, though not what the authors of the petition wanted.

The e-petition seeks the support of residents who share safety concerns about the width and adverse camber of the junction. Prince's Crescent and Wakefield Road form a rat run used by drivers to avoid the traffic lights at the bottom of Ditchling Road. Traffic speeds through these two streets despite the 20mph limit.

Safe crossing for Upper Lewes Road



 If they can do it in Ditchling Road, why can't they make a safe crossing point in Upper Lewes Road?





Crescent Road development remains car-free

Note that the appeal relating to BH2019/00072 has now been decided. See split appeal decision:

The appeal was upheld in relation to the yellow lines on the street to the front of the development - they need not now be converted back to bays.

However, in relation to condition 12 which makes the development car-free, the appeal was dismissed. It remains car-free.

...and so does the Carelet development

Note too that  proposal BH2018/00881 to remove the Car-free condition on the Carelet site was also refused. That development remains car-free too.

Credit should be given to local resident Dominic for his research using the developer's own data on the true level of parking stress in Crescent Road (110%) and the eight streets surveyed in Round Hill (105%) -  not the 95% claimed in both the refused Application BH2019/0072 and Section 6.7 of the developer's  appeal statement.











When permit uptake reaches 80% or over within a controlled parking zone, BHCC requires applicants hoping for on-street parking space to submit a parking survey.

See also Applications to increase parking stress

39-47 Hollingdean Road

Tall developments have appeared in Hollingdean Road, some with colour finishes which are quite out of character with The Round Hill conservation area. Among the usual concerns are the effects on outlook,  noise levels, privacy (through overlooking). Some feel that the quantity  of student accommodation in Hollingdean Road is already enough. Click on the following link to review the latest proposal and the comments to date:

Proposal BH2019/03700 [under consideration] for 99 student rooms at 39-47 Hollingdean Road. Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of site incorporating erection of two buildings of between one and five storeys to provide student accommodation (Sui Generis), with ancillary accommodation facilities arranged around a pedestrian courtyard.

Filter by "Supporting Documents" and open the Planning Statement to review the proposal and comment if you so wish.

Note that Brighton and Hove City Council refused BH2017/01873 proposing 87 student rooms for 45-47 Hollingdean Road - the former Gerry Ingram site, but the latest proposal BH2019/03700 extends over more land.

Policies which aim to protect conservation areas

Fern Villa 1879
picture taken from Tenantry Down near Brighton Race Course

The above row of buttons relates to subjects where some background information might prove interesting or helpful. The button on Community Policing would be relevant to residents wanting to run a Neighbourhood Watch or to lobby for more Police Community Support Officers.

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