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Round Hill Plans This section includes details about planning policy, issues and particular applications affecting the Round Hill area. Use the site directory (scroll down to the heading "Planning") to research specific properties.

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Background Stories showing successes & failures (depending on your point of view)

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The Brighton and Hove City Plan

Brighton and Hove City Plan Part One [PDF] was adopted by Brighton & Hove City Council on 24th March 2016.

Brighton and Hove Draft City Plan Part Two [PDF] came out in July 2018.

The 10 week period of consultation ended on 13th September 2018. More information can be found on the Brighton and Hove City Plan Part Two webpage.

Download the Old Town Conservation Area Management Plan
It is intended to adopt the final document in November 2018.

Have your say on Old Steine to Palace Pier proposals. Click on picture to watch the video

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Download The information [PDF] and the map [PDF] for the above consultation.

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Hollingdean Road BH2017/01873

45 & 47 Hollingdean Road: 87-apartment scheme
'Studentification' OR 'fulfilling a need' ?

See page 3 of Issue 74 [December 2018] of The Round Hill Reporter: Nearest Student Housing? Coming to Planning Soon.

Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a part 2,3,4 and 5 storey building including basement to form 87 student rooms (Sui Generis), communal student facilities, plant room, cycle storage, 2no disabled parking spaces, recycling and refuse facilities, vehicular access and associated works. | 45 & 47 Hollingdean Road Brighton BN2 4AA on site of Gerry Ingram, the former motor-cycle shop

The location of this proposed scheme is very close to residents at the east end of Richmond Road and the north end of D'Aubigny Road. The site is on the far side of the service road from the mouth of Hughes Road into Sainsbury. Residents will recall a 138-room scheme on the near side of the same service road which would have involved the demolition of Richmond House.

CKC Properties Ltd are involved in several major schemes locally to provide purpose-built accommodation for students: e.g. Pelham Terrace, £42m conversion of the Lectern Pub on Lewes Road and the University of Brighton's £150m plans for Preston Barracks

Proposal for 3 small additional flats

Conversion of detached house at the junction of Wakefield Road and  Upper Lewes Road (sharp turn)

BH2018/03222 Erection of three storey rear extension to create 3no additional one bedroom flats (C3), associated internal alterations. | 3 Upper Lewes Road & 1A And 1B Wakefield Road Brighton BN2 3FJ.

Now under consideration. Thoughtful planning statement, though while mentioning the heavily graffitied "long wall" on the Upper Lewes Road, it would be good if the proposals could extend to methods to deter unpleasant tagging. Perhaps there is scope for liaison with the developer on whether the rendered wall needs to be present or at its current height since more daylight from the south would benefit living conditions at ground floor level. Your Comments can be useful both to the planning process and to inform other residents. Comments can be "neutral" if you are neither FOR or AGAINST, but have helpful suggestions to offer.


Application to remove car-free condition

Land At Rear of 67 to 81 Princes Road Brighton

View and comment on Application BH2018/00881

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Not if car-free conditions on new development to the rear of our terraces (e.g. Princes Road and Crescent Road) are defended.

BH2018/00881 Still under consideration

  1. Application to Remove Car Free Condition
  2. Objections to Carelet's supporting document & parking survey
  3. Further variation of design of Gatehouse & Refuse / Recycling

Veolia's Boxing Day Proposal withdrawn

On behalf of Veolia, Owen Dimond Planning Manager (Southern) United Kingdom has emailed Brighton and Hove City Council confirming the withdrawal of application BH2018/02704. Thank you, Veolia. 

Application for temporary variation of conditions 4, 5 & 6 of BH2016/05369 (see description) to allow the operation of the Waste Transfer Station (WTS) and the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) and the importation and export of waste on the 26th December 2018 and each year thereafter. | Veolia Environmental Services Plc Hollingdean Lane Brighton BN1 7BB

Crescent Road Application BH2018/00433 

The proposal to vary conditions on the narrow strip of land between the rear gardens W of Crescent Road and E of Belton Road LAND TO THE REAR OF 28 CRESCENT ROAD was APPROVED. See Planning Committee Agenda Wednesday 7th November 2018 2pm Council Chamber Hove Town Hall

You can Watch a Webcast of the Planning Committee Meeting online 



Safe crossing for Upper Lewes Road



 If they can do it in Ditchling Road, why can't they make a safe crossing point in Upper Lewes Road?







Policies protecting conservation areas

Fern Villa 1879
picture taken from Tenantry Down near Brighton Race Course



Save The Signalman Pub Garden Part Two!











See the entry for The Signalman Pub on Brighton and Hove City Council's Local List of Heritage Assets.

The first application has now been WITHDRAWN: link to Save "The Signalman Garden" Facebook Campaign Site (Celebration?)

Slow worm challenge to developer's plans

Trees were cleared prematurely opposite platform 1 of London Road Station in February 2017 to make way for construction of four houses.

It now appears that the survey claimed to exclude the presence of reptiles (e.g. slow-worm) was inadequate since it was performed at the wrong time of year.  The county ecologist advises that the presence of reptiles is likely and local residents say that they have seen slow-worm.

Springfield Road
It is a great pity that the drive to meet housing targets now affords so little protection to the public amenity value of any open space which happens to have its footprint on privately owned land. The Council's open space surveys (the most recent was renamed future of our parks consultation!) only seem to want us to comment on the amenity value of public open spaces, of which Round Hill has none! The above (within the context of the Preston Park conservation area as well as a railway station which has been added to the city's list of heritage assets) should concern anybody who assumes that our own neighbourhood's 'green ribbons' are untouchable.

London Road Station - a heritage asset click here or on picture below to read why! London Road Station

The Round Hill Society gets things done...

Vehicle access to & from Upper Lewes Road

...with help from the Council & residents who report problems!

This has now been solved. Thank you to all who played a part. We are aware that there are road safety concerns which have been raised which will need both more funding and community/political will if they are to be solved.

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