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Crescent Rd appeal now decided

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APP/Q1445/W/19/3231412 28A Crescent Road, Brighton BN2 3RP

Decisions 1. The appeal is allowed, and planning permission is granted insofar as it relates to the variation of condition 1 of application BH2016/00862 (Part demolition and conversion of existing commercial buildings and erection of two new buildings to provide 4no two bedroom houses (C3) with associated landscaping) to allow amendments to approved drawings (part retrospective), without complying with condition 7 attached to planning permission Ref BH2018/00433, dated 12 November 2018, and subject conditions set out in the attached Schedule.

2. The appeal is dismissed, insofar as it relates to the removal of condition 12 attached to planning permission Ref BH2018/00433, dated 12 November 2018. Procedural Matters

BACKGROUND: Our Council refused The Crescent Rd application See Decision on Application BH2019/00072 document dated 29 March 2019, but note also that the developer launched an appeal. Read the developer's arguments at the latter link. 











1. Land to the rear of 28 Crescent Road

Read comments on application BH2019/00072 and write your own.

  1. The Round Hill Society's objection to removal of car-free condition
  2. Dominic Furlong's critique of inaccurate figures on parking stress calculates that parking stress for Crescent Road is 110% - well over the 80% recommended maximum.
  3. 15 points to make in response to the two surveys.

2. Six three-storey houses to the rear of Princes Road

Note that it has now been decided that this remains a car-free development. BH2018/00881 was REFUSED









  1. Application to remove car-free condition 8
  2. Criticisms of supporting document & parking survey
  3. Further variation of design of Gatehouse & Refuse / Recycling

With the addition of 6 cars, Section 4.3 of the parking survey arrives at an average parking stress figure of 89.27% (the maximum should be 90%) based on just two off-beat surveys within quiet months of the year.

Resident Neil Griffiths argues that the figure of 89.3% given in the parking survey submitted with BH2018/00881 is wrong.


The parking survey (see supporting statement)  BH2018/00881 measures night time parking on 23rd November 2017 and 16th January 2018. 

But these are hardly as busy dates as May festival, Pride Weekend, Christmas and Easter holidays.


3 additional flats: 3 Upper Lewes Rd & 1A/1B Wakefield Rd

BH2018/03222 Erection of three storey rear extension to create 3no additional one bedroom flats (C3), associated internal alterations. | 3 Upper Lewes Road & 1A And 1B Wakefield Road Brighton BN2 3FJ. Consideration of how the graffiti issue relating to the long wall could be suggested. Good design and could work as a car-free development. BHCC's Highways Department has noticed that this application lacks a parking survey and generates a demand for 3 extra on-street parking spaces. See comment for & on behalf of BHCC's Highways.

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