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  • Our Tradespeople page shares local residents' recommendations.
  • Our support for older people's page is intended for both the over 50s and residents of any age-group who support older people wishing to remain in their homes. A brief description is also given of the work of Brighton & Hove's Older People's Council

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Committee Page containing the Minutes of recent meetings and the date of our next RHS Committee Meeting (Tuesday 24th February 2015). We held our AGM on 1st October 2014 (see Minutes and Report) and view our Constitution.

The Round Hill Reporter
Past issues of our printed newsletter 'The Round Hill Reporter' can be downloaded (in PDF format) from here. The most recent issue is

      • Issue 58 December 2014
         Seasonal Singing, Rubbish Update, Advent Windows, Playsafe report on Halloweeen & future dates, Round Hill in Bloom - a target for 2015, Guerilla Gardeners, Student Community Liaison, Stained glass winner, Wartime memories of Yvonne Elliot..


Upper Lewes Rd Graffiti to be removed

Committee members of The Round Hill Society and the concerned resident who attended our last meeting have now gathered more information about the misunderstanding by those who painted the very large span of graffiti along a large section of Upper Lewes Road into Wakefield Road and Brighton and Hove City Council.

In relation to Upper Lewes Road a genuine mistake was made. The graffiti artists did their painting in the wrong location. Although clearance was given for a smaller mural elsewhere, the large stretch of graffiti which has appeared at the entrance to the Round Hill consevation area was not sanctioned by Brighton and Hove City Council.

Round Hill residents have now been assured by the Council's Head of City Infrastructure that the wall will be returned to its original condition -  less the smaller amount of graffiti covering it before the extensive mural was painted.


public art







public art







public art







public art








The Round Hill Society has a good relationship with City Clean, which has assisted us greatly in our Community Clean-ups. Members of our committee are optimistic that a combination of re-painting and planting will achieve something which raises fewer concerns and might even be more pleasing than ever before to a majority of residents. It is for local residents to contribute ideas and our community needs to work together with the City Infrastructure Department, which has expertise in issues such as plant maintenance, pedestrian access on narrow footways next to busy roads, visibility & avoidance of distraction at tricky road junctions. Aesthetics may need to be accompanied by other considerations in the context of a street which The Argus once described as "a Death Trap". 


Greening the Round Hill conservation area

Towards It's Your Neighbourhood

There are several gardeners in Round Hill and further residents who may want to get involved. What can we make of the following challenge? :-

Jan Curry, our ROUND HILL SOCIETY committee member who is noted for her wildlife garden to the south of Richmond Road, has recently approached THE ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY about entering our neighbourhood Round Hill for their 


If you live in Round Hill and would like to take part, please read our article on this and explore the links below in red to find out more about the kinds of things RHS "It's Your Neighbourhood Groups" do.

Round Hill may not quite be ready for the whole conservation area to be judged by The Royal Horticultural Society, but a good beginning would be to get a whole street or a significant part of a street looking nice. This would set the standard for other streets to follow and we then could submit part of our neighbourhood for the scheme in 2016.

Download the backtofront.org.uk PDF Manual for ideas on growing food in front gardens or/& go to www.backtofront.org.uk for further ideas.

Some do this already:-

garden in upper lewes rd










 Crops growing in this front garden in Upper Lewes Road last summer included runner beans, carrots, chard, beetroot, Welsh onions and chives.

What is “It’s Your Neighbourhood

Who can enter?

What kinds of projects do “It’s Your Neighbourhood” groups do?

What are the benefits of participation?

How does a group get started in "It’s Your Neighbourhood"?

What should an “It’s Your Neighbourhood” group focus on when planning its project/work?

What support is available for registered groups?

Additional online resources 

Save Our Swan-neck heads

Brighton and Hove has many remaining historic street lights. A varied selection of these can still be found in Round Hill. But both Round Hill and Queens Park conservation areas have experienced removal of some of our most valued lamp standards and replacement with cheap substitutes which are sometimes no better in reliability. Read more....

UPDATE: the need for 'joined-up-thinking' on energy conservation and streetscape appearance The Round Hill Society has noted the subject of The Argus Report [21.01.2015] Council set to spend £26m replacing 15,000 street lights and 10,000 lamp posts in Brighton and Hove. Our secretary has made enquiries as to whether the plans for new low energy street lighting cater for a sympathetic new lantern to replace existing lanterns on swan necks atop cast iron posts.

Proposal to dissolve Older People's Council

The Council has proposed in their budget to dissolve the Older Peoples Council and cease elections which would be due this year immediately after the local and general election. See a report on this from The Brighton and Hove Independent.

Older Peoples Council members are challenging the proposal and contend that the costs of elections to the council – put as high as £40,000 – are “grossly overstated”.

Recent Older Peoples Council campaigns have covered:

  • the provision of better public toilet facilities
  • more public seating in the city
  • challenging pavement obstructions
  • the introduction of a garden waste collection scheme
  • heating & energy costs, and
  • better health, housing & transport services for older people.

Regular listings

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15. Walks - unguided, guided, longer and shorter
16. Healthwalks programme (PDF) valid until Autumn 2014.
17. walk & bus circuits from Round Hill
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19. Prince Regent Swimming Complex Pools Programme
Free Swimming for children aged 11 or under
20. See also The Argus - events page

Visit the newly refurbished Martha Gunn Pub [their Facebook page]


Saint NicholasWednesday 28th January 2015 at 12.30pm for half an hour at St Nicholas's Church Dyke Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 3LJ map

Michele Roszak and Lynda Spinney - Mezzo Soprano/Piano


unitarian Friday 30th January 2015 12.30 - 1.15 pm Brighton Unitarian Church New Road BN1 1UF
Stuart Deekes (violin) and Nick Andrews (piano) playing Bach and Haydn



Saint Lukes Queens Park Friday, 30th January 2015 7.30pm St Luke's Church, Queens Park Road BN2 0GG - Ellie Blackshaw (violin) and Rachel Fryer (piano) return to St. Luke's to give two world premieres by Julian Broughton and Guy Richardson alongside twentieth century sonatas by Elgar and Janacek.


Saturday 31st January (10.00-16.00) - Family Archaeology Day for Dig Whitehawk project, Brighton Museum (free)


1st February 10.30a.m. to 4.30pm at Brighton Dome Corn Exchange Seedy Sunday . Entrance £3 at the door.

Download the event programme PDF

Seedy Sunday
















Brighton Vintage and Antiques MarketSunday 1st February 2015 from 11.00am to 5pm - Brighton Vintage and Antiques Market

 First & third Sunday of each month.

See all upcoming events & workshops at The Open Market.


Poetry for PleasureMonday 2nd February 2015 from 12 noon - Poetry for Pleasure - The President Poet at St John's Cornerstone Community Centre, Church Road, Hove (just beyond SW corner of Palmeira Sq.)



Chapel RoyalTuesday 3rd February 2015 from 1.10 to 1.55 - Live lunchtime concert Chapel Royal, North Street Brighton

Agnieszka Pluta (pno) - Chopin Schelling Rachmaninov




 Tuesday 3rd February 2015 at 7.30pm - Triangle Community Local History Group - The Bugle Pub 24 St. Martins Street, Brighton, BN2 3HJ 

(back bar area) Round Hill residents welcome.
(normally meets 1st Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm for one hour).




“OpenSaturday 7th February 2015 from 11am to midday - Shop & Dance! - Brighton Lindyhoppers (video clip) at The Open Market  between The Level & London Road shopping centre.

First Saturday of every month. See all upcoming events & workshops at The Open Market or browse the 40+ new stalls & studios.



Friends of Hollingbury Woods Saturday 7th February 2015 10am - 1pm Friends of Hollingbury Woods - Lay section of North Hedge bordering Forget-Me-Not Glade. Underplant North Hedge near metal gate.
Easy access trail. Click here to learn about Hollingbury Hillfort. FHBW's Facebook Page.




Sunday 8th February, 10.00am-1pm  Countryside Heritage walk, Devil's Dyke (£3) National Trust. Three thousand years in three hours: this walk starts at Devil's Dyke and gives you a rare opportunity to discover Saddlescombe farm. This ancient downland hamlet has seen over 1000 years of history and still retains many of its old buildings, including the Donkey Wheel and 17th century barns. The surrounding downland holds even greater allure with over 3000 years of stories to tell. We can stop for a break at the Hiker's Rest tearoom at Saddlescombe before walking back to Devil's Dyke. There are other downloadable walks in the vicinity of Devil's Dyke, which you can do independently.


Brighton Vintage and Antiques MarketSunday 15th February 2015 from 11.00am to 5pm - Brighton Vintage and Antiques Market

 First & third Sunday of each month.

See all upcoming events & workshops at The Open Market.


Thursday, 7th May 2015  Elections

The next General Election, Brighton & Hove City Council elections and Rottingdean Parish election will take place on 7 May 2015.

When the votes are counted, will the successful candidates have made any pledges to address issues which are local to Round Hill? A major one of these will peak again in 2015 as soon as we get a prolonged spell of warm weather:

Odour from WTS - who will represent us?

With the right representation, siting noisy/smelly operations near people's homes can be resisted. See North London example involving the Pinkham Way Alliance. Could two of the most anti-social operations at Holliingdean Depot - food waste processing (ODOUR) and glass tipping (NOISE) - be switched to locations away from residents' homes?

We in Round Hill will need to speak up to be heard, especially when some from all the parties represented on our Council can bring themselves to approve the siting of new homes (not yet built) just a few metres from the perimeter fence on the south side of Hollingdean Depot.

A lady from one political party, drafted in from London to canvas for Round Hill votes, was blissfully ignorant about planning approvals in our neighbourhood or even the existence of Hollingdean Depot so nearby. Marginal constituencies are prone to this type of canvassing; we can request proper representation by asking questions about our area.

Smelly escapes from the Waste Transfer Station - further to those which have been affecting the north of our neighbourhood since early 2009 -  have compromised residents enjoyment of their gardens, continuing through spring and summer into autumn 2014. We applaud the Environment Agency for trying to help. However, these odour escapes continue to cause unreasonable nuisance to nearby residents (Princes Road, part of Richmond Road, part of Ditchling Road, also affecting the Downs Infant School). A lot more needs to be done. This is an Environmental Health issue. Candidates in the forthcoming May elections may ask you about the state of the National Health Service and the UK Economy. These are legitimate concerns, but they are also bidding to represent our local area.  Ask them what they will do, if elected, about this local issue :-  the noise and the odour which have repeatedly compromised the amenity of residents to the north of Round Hill over 6 years. We are not alone in being expected to put up with these nuisances. See how The Pinkham Way Alliance, a group of North London residents, resisted a proposed Waste Transfer Station.

If you are immediately affected, do not allow genuine odour nuisance to go unreported. Make sure that the licensing body log each incident:phone the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 but also add your email address to (Environment Officer) Chris Parkin's distribution list by sending an e-mail to chris.parkin@environment-agency.gov.uk and feel free to pass this invitation on to friends or neighbours who are also affected. Being on the distribution list will also allow Chris Parkin to update you on attempts to suppress the odour.

Action taken so far - diagnosis & solution

Chris Parkin from the government's Environment Agency has identified the 2 biggest problems which cause odour nuisance - "the design of the building and the nature of the waste received. The primary odorous source is the food waste contained within domestic refuse. The only possible way to remove that is for the local council to instigate separate waste collections for food waste, which would be a huge undertaking for them."

Click here to read about an attempt which will begin from Monday 15th September to suppress unpleasant smells from Hollingdean Depot.

See also The Environment Officer's diagnoses of the main problems.


London Road Brighton - regeneration

The grand opening of Brighton's Open Market

Video clip [2 min 19 sec]:
Opening ceremony by the Lord Lieutenant of Sussex

Video clip [3 min 19 sec]:
Preliminary speeches by some of those involved in the project

Cllr Brian Fitch (the Mayor), Victoria (Brighton Open Market Community Interest Company), Pat Mears (trader) and Jason Kitcat (leader of BHCC)

Our new market stalls  as of 19th July 2014












The Market's first song & dance performances

Video clip [1 min 42 sec]:
The Hullaballoo Community Quire











Video clip [3 min 36 sec]:
Brighton Lindyhoppers dancing to jazz swing band Harry's Tricks












Richmond House appeal dismissed

The Level restoration project

The Level

Click here to learn how this is going. The Level Communities Forum held its first AGM, in April 2014.





Regeneration of this part of Brighton should also be helped when the rebuilt Open Market opens in May 2014. See article from The Argus.


Renewable Energy for Round Hill

energy coop












Could Round Hill make itself independent from the electricity grid through photo-voltaics on the roofs both in and adjoining the area? See video clip of Balcombe example: fracking village to turn on solar panels

The Round Hill Society's AGM

Report on our AGM 17 Oct 2013

Your new RHS committee elected at our AGM on Thu 17th October.

Learn an instrument Learn a musical instrument - since the time of the Prince Regent, Brighton has gained a reputation for music teaching and performance. The abundance of teachers in our city means that it is easy to find help in learning an instrument.


BartholomewSt Bartholomew's Concerts for autumn 2014






The Park Crescent News & Events at The Park Crescent Pub, 39 Park Crescent Terrace, BN2 3HE.



All SaintsAll Saints Church Hove1pm-2pm Lunchtime Recitals start again in May 2015







Artists Open Houses 2014
Artists Open Houses AOH reached its 33rd year in May 2014 - look 

Check out local Artists' websites directly. Most have been updated in preparation for this year's festival.



Eco Open Houses

The most recent event was held in October 2014.

Adult Education
Adult EducationThe Brighton Free University

Adult Education Courses at The Friends' Centre
See Short Courses & Workshops - Summer 2014 (PDF brochure).



Collection days for refuse & recycling Round Hill area: Tue (weekly) = refuse; Tue (fortnightly) = recycling

Click here for City Clean's service update.

Elected representatives
CONSTITUENCY MPs: May 2010 General Election Results in Brighton Pavilion constituency.

WARD COUNCILLORS: 2011 Council election results
Greens increase their seats from 13 to 23 to become the largest Green group of councillors in the country.
54 seats
23 Green
18 Consevative
13 Labour

St Peter's & North Laine (Council ward which includes Round Hill)

Lizzie Deane - Green Party 3407 22% Elected
Ian Davey - Green Party 3132 20% Elected
Pete West - Green Party 3043 19% Elected


South East - European Election Result 2014
[ Parties in alphabetical order - Turnout 35.4% ]

CON Richard Ashworth
CON Nirj Deva
CON Dan Hannan
GRN Keith Taylor
LAB Anneliese Dodds
LD Catherine Bearder
UKIP Janice Atkinson
UKIP Nigel Farage
UKIP Ray Finch
UKIP Diane James

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