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The Round Hill Reporter
Past issues of our printed newsletter 'The Round Hill Reporter' can be downloaded (in PDF format) from here. The most recent issue is

      • Issue 63 March 2016 
        Round Hill garden party Sunday 3rd July 2016, PlaySafe reminder, new Facebook site, Richmond House - who are Pavilions?, lamppost loss, credit card scam, new noticeboards, Sainsbury's raised beds, new trees for Richmond Road, new network for men 50+, private sector rented housing in Brighton.

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The RH Community Noticeboard (created in April 2016 & inspired by the hugely popular Hanover Community Notice Board) already has 60 members. Once a member, you will be able to post and can invite others to become members. Currently a number of events appealing to those with an interest in Round Hill are publicised on the RH Community Noticeboard so do ask to join if you feel you may be missing out. All the better if you have content of your own to contribute which is relevant to the identity and purpose of the Noticeboard.

The Yahoo Group (created in August 2004) has 178 members.

Useful information

Committee Page containing the Minutes of recent meetings and the date of our next RHS Committee Meeting (Tuesday 7th June 2016) at Jan's. We held our last AGM on 29th September 2015 (see Minutes for full report on what was discussed).


Digging for Pavilions at Richmond House

Click here for a report illustrated by BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

View a 2-minute video clip of this gardening project in progress.

On the morning of the FA Cup Final, Saturday 21st May 2016, several Round Hill residents joined staff / volunteers / service users from Pavilions to dig out roots and weeds from flower beds at Richmond House. The aim is to create an inviting open space which we hope to be able to take pride in when our joint gardening project is eventually completed. Thank you to all participants, especially those who helped to organise &/or sponsor this event. And also to City Clean for undertaking to collect a large pile of garden waste.











Pavilions welcome you to an open event at Richmond House on Wed 15th June 4-7pm



Pavilions warmly invite all local residents to an open event at Richmond House. 

Come and meet the volunteers, peer mentors and staff whilst having a tour of the new integrated drug and alcohol service for Brighton & Hove. There will be opportunities to attend workshops where you can find out more about what the services in the partnership provide.

Pavilions brings together a range of partners with proven expertise, creative minds and a shared desire to re-shape drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services for the people of Brighton & Hove.

Playing out in Round Hill - a brief report

Tenth Street Play event - 3pm Sun 17th July 2016 on Mayo Road

Please note: The June street play has been cancelled, so the next (our tenth) will be on Sunday 17th July 2016.

Pictures of our Ninth Street Play event:

street play









Kate, the organiser, has posted her pictures of this successful event (including the one above) on Round Hill Community Noticeboard:

* a Facebook Group which Round Hill residents can join on request

street play










Roundhill's ninth Street Play in Mayo Road on 15th May 2016 was a quieter affair than the previous one, but still provided good meeting opportunities for children and adults. Click here to see what these opportunities were and to review a sample of the benefits which can occur for volunteers supporting the event.

Click here or on the picture below for a short video clip
(two and a half minutes) of our April 2016 street play event.

street play















Police Community Support Officers

Police and Crime Commissioner Election Results: May 2016

Katy Bourne was re-elected with 41.78 % of first choice votes.  

The difference between second-choice votes was narrower. Mrs Bourne for the Conservative Party got 25,375 with Mr Jones for Labour polling 24,765 second-choice votes.

See The Argus report on the results


Click on picture below for circular bus ride / walk from Round Hill:


Unreasonable odour from Hollingdean Depot:
please let the licensing body (The EA) know!

If you are bothered by odour (a horrid sickly smell) from The Hollingdean Depot Waste Transfer Station, phone The Environment Agency Tel: 0800 80 70 60 responsible for Veolia's operating licence:
3.4.1 Odour: Emissions from the activities shall be free from odour at levels likely to cause annoyance outside the site, as perceived by an authorised officer of the Agency, unless the licence holder has used appropriate measures to prevent or where that is not practicable, to minimise, the odour.
The Environment Agency will come out to witness the odour on days when they receive three separate complaints. Monitoring is complaint-led. No complaints and the EA will assume that residents are happy. As the operating licence makes clear, The Environment Agency is the body which needs to know about unreasonable noise, odour, escapes of dust, etc from Hollingdean Depot. We do not recommend complaining to Veolia or The Council. Phone the EA on 0800 80 70 60 instead.

Brighton and Hove City Council's avoidance of the costs of separate collection is prolonging the incineration of food waste. Though criticised by The Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs, this poor environmental practice escaped a ban when laws were introduced to limit landfill. Currently, Veolia is providing the service requested by our Local Authority. 

However, to Veolia's credit, they state on their website their commitment to better ways of using food waste (i.e. composting using an Anaerobic Digestor). Processing our city's food waste through  Anaerobic Digestion would not see it mixed in with other refuse at a Waste Transfer Station too near to residential areas. Veolia is also to be congratulated for improvements at their Wilson Avenue recycling site where residents of our city can support good environmental practice by [1] contributing garden waste &/or [2] buying Veolia'Pro-Grow garden products (soil & lawn conditioner / peat-free multi-purpose compost / woodchip mulch / bark chips / etc). Fortnightly garden waste collections from your home are available through The Council for £52 per year.

Crying out for accreditation - 2 local examples

1. Landlords and Letting Agents - a need for accreditation

£20,000 / £14,000 fines unlicensed landlords of shared houses
Read our article on Houses of Multiple Occupation [HMOs]

See the The Debrief's campaign calling for the end of letting agent fees.

2. Should the noisy, smelly, unsuitably located Hollingdean Depot site be used for processing industrial and commercial waste as well as our city's domestic waste?

In objecting to the original planning applications for The Waste Transfer Station & The Materials Recovery Facility in 2006, The Brighton Society descibed these installations at Hollingdean Depot  as "basic metal sheds, the cheapest form of building.

Questions for The Environment Agency0800 80 70 60 (complaints)

  • on a scale of 1 (low) to 6 (high), how would you rate *the design* of The Hollingdean Depot Waste Transfer Station as capable of providing a sealed environment to minimize escapes of odour and dust (fugitive emissions)? See the nuisances you purport to monitor in your operating licence.
  • Is your level of government funding sufficient to allow you to operate an accreditation system which would allow "suitability of building design" among the Waste Transfer Stations you license in the whole of England and a small part of Scotland to be compared? Are league tables for environmental health and good design practice being given lesser or greater priority than league tables for education? Is government leading by example?
  • Are changes in funding from Central Government making it easier or more difficult for you to do "more than just complaint-led monitoring" to ensure that the facilities you license are not an ongoing source of unreasonable nuisance to residents living near them?

Regular listings

For daily updates on other neighbourhoods' news & campaigns
across the city, please go to CivicBrightonandHove.co.uk

1. Upcoming events for The Open Market and The Level
2. Visit London Road website | blog
3. The Duke of York's Picture House Preston Circus
4. Emporium, Brighton - what's on - 88 London Road
5. Brighton Open Air Theatre - what's on - Dyke Rd Park [map]
6. Free University Brighton - upcoming events
7. Brighton & Hove Arts Diary
8. Arts | Music | Theatre | Cinema
Sussex Concerts
10. East Sussex CC: Music, Art & Cultural Events
11. The Brighton Society - talks, lectures & exhibitions.
12. Regency Society 2016 lectures and events
13. Hove Civic Society - lectures & events.
14. Sussex Industrial Archeology Society own meetings & similar
15. English Speaking Union lectures at The Hove Club, Fourth Av.
16. Walks - unguided, guided, longer and shorter
17. Healthwalks 2016 programme plain text | colour  
18. walk & bus circuits from Round Hill
19a. Friends of Hollingbury Woods
19b. Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere - Events Calendar
19c. Digital map of Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere
20. Prince Regent Online Pool & Class Timetable
Free swimming for children aged 16 and under
21. See also The Argus - events page
22. The People's Republic of Brighton and Hove: Facebook page
23. Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

Click on the picture below to find your nearest swimming pool

swimming Online Pool & Class Timetable
for today at the
Prince Regent Pool Brighton.




Brighton Festival & Festival Fringe 2016

Try these listings too



geoffrey mead27th & 28th May and 4th June 2016 - - Montpelier & Clifton Hill Walk- guided by Geoff Mead: meet at 2pm St Nicholas church door. From St. Nicholas Church doorway the Montpelier & Clifton Hill walk will circle the area looking at social history, geology, geography and architecture.




geoffrey mead27th, 28th & 29th May and 3rd 4th & 5th June 2016 London Road Walk - guided by Geoff Mead: meet at 5pm at St Peters Church Hall door. From St. Peter's Church the London Road walk will take in the rapidly changing social nature of the area, with new developments at the Open Market, Co-op and The Level.



geoffrey mead29th May and 5th June 2016. Pavilion Gardens Cafe Walk guided by Geoff Mead:  Meet at 2pm at Pavilion Garden's café. This is a different type of walk. David Sewell, third generation café owner and myself, walk the locations of his grandfather's cafes, taking in the food history of Brighton linked to David's historic family photo album of the café sites. This concludes with tea and cakes at the café as part of the ticket price!



Chapel RoyalTuesday 31st May 2016 from 1.10 to 1.55 - Live lunchtime concert Chapel Royal, North Street Brighton. Spike Wells Jazz Trio - Mark Edwards (pno) Nigel Thomas (bass) Spike Wells (drums)




All SaintsWednesday 1st June 2016 at 1pm - Lunchtime Recitals at All Saints Church Hove - Helen Burford (piano) plus surprise guests








gclub Wed 1st and Thu 2nd June: 10:30am - noon Volunteer Gardening Club at The Level. Description: The Level's gardens are award-winning, not just for their beauty and superb condition, but also for the contribution they make towards a wider conservation and sustainability picture at the park - particularly in encouraging bees and other beneficial insects.


  • There are two regular weekly volunteer gardening clubs at The Level, run under the tutelage and supervision of the onsite Garden Manager, Steve Peters.
  • It is essential that potential volunteers liaise beforehand with Steve Peters on stephen.peters@brighton-hove.gov.uk, in case a session needs to be cancelled, changed, postponed, or other arrangements need clarifying.
  • Volunteers must attend a compulsory initial training and information session before starting volunteer gardening work.
  • Volunteers assist with a range of gardening tasks as assigned by the Garden Manager. The Level is an accessible park, and there are disabled toilets on site.
  • Visit www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/leisure-and-libraries/parks-and-green-spaces/level-enjoy-park-and-get-involved for more information.



unitarian Friday 3rd June 2016 12.30 - 1.15 pm - Unitarian Church New Road, Brighton, BN1 1UF - James Shenton - Violin and piano.James will be playing 3 of his own new piano pieces plus 3 by Scriabin, including the dramatic tone poem "Vers la flamme" which alludes to the moth's fatal attraction to fire. He will also be giving a repeat performance of his "12 violin studies for a new age" which he has recently been revising.



st lukes Friday 3rd June 2016 7.30 pm - St Luke's Church, Queens Park Road BN2 0GG - Joss Peach (jazz piano).





Friends of Hollingbury Woods Saturday 4th June 2016 10am-1pm - Friends of Hollingbury Woods
Weed North Hedge and Hollingbury Park bays
Easy access trail. Click here to learn about Hollingbury Hillfort. FHBW's Facebook Page.





geoffrey meadSunday 5th June 2016, 10am - Western Road - more than shops! Brighton's main retail district also has Georgian squares and lost brickfields. Meet at Wykeham Terrace, Dyke Rd. Brighton TQ 307044 2 hours 4 miles. Ambles not rambles series of walks. All are 'donations' to local environmental groups except for Brighton Festival Fringe events. Distances and times approximate!



silver stringsTuesday, 7th June 2016 10:15am - Silver Strings - it's never too late to learn! - The Brighthelm Centre, North Road, BN1 1YD. The first Tuesday of each month is an open session, where newcomers can try an instrument and meet the players. No previous musical experience is necessary and most of our group were complete beginners when they first came along. We even provide the instruments: choose violin, viola or cello - or try all three! The sessions are facilitated by professional cellist and Goldsmiths-trained music leader Isabel Emerson, and kindly supported by the Brighthelm Small Grants Scheme. Cost: the first session's FREE - come and try us out! If you want to join Silver Strings, it's £12/wk (payable monthly) thereafter, inclusive of instrument use.



sustainable buildingTuesday, 14th June 2016 7pm-10.30pm - Brighton Sustainable Building Meeting (Pub evening) at The Battle of Trafalgar, 34 Guildford Road, Brighton BN1 3LW - an informal opportunity to discuss sustainable building practices, techniques and technical issues. Useful for architects, building contractors, and associated trades, people looking to have sustainable building works carried out (new build or renovation), as well as self-builders, DIYers etc. Every second Tuesday of the month. AECB [Association for Environment Conscious Building].


Wednesday 15th June 2016 4pm to 7pm - Open Event at Richmond House (on the corner of Richmond Road & D’Aubigny Road) Come and meet the volunteerspeer mentors and staff whilst having a tour of the new integrated drug and alcohol service for Brighton & Hove. There will be opportunities to attend workshops where you can find out more about what the services in the partnership provide.

Pavilions brings together a range of partners with proven expertise, creative minds and a shared desire to re-shape drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services for the people of Brighton & Hove. 

Artists Open Houses 2016 and more

Artists Open Houses Festival - Saturday 30th April - Sunday 29th May

The Artists Open Houses festival 2016 will take place in Brighton, Hove and beyond over the five weekends of May, starting Saturday April 30th (Bank Holiday Weekend). The organisers are pleased to announce that over 60 new artists houses and studios will be taking part in the festival this year.

The largest event of its kind in the UK, around 200 houses and studio spaces across the city open their doors to exhibit the work of over 1,500 artists and makers. Last year over 200,000 people visited the festival.

Education (for adults)
Adult EducationThe Brighton Free University

Adult Education The Friends' Centre

Courses for Spring 2016




Cornerstone Community Centre - Adult Education 

Church Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2FL
includes Poetry for Pleasure on Mondays


Do you use your local history centre?

Historical records: Ashdown Road | Belton Road | Crescent Road | D'Aubigny Road | Ditchling Road | Princes Crescent | Princes Road | Richmond Road | Roundhill Crescent | Roundhill Road | Roundhill Street | Upper Lewes Road | Wakefield Road | Getting to The Keep.

Fed up with writing Christmas cards?

Try Rob Stephenson's December Round Hill History Quiz


Please see events listings for music currently on. Many music venues re-open in the spring.

Learn an instrument Learn a musical instrument - since the time of the Prince Regent, Brighton has gained a reputation for music teaching and performance. The abundance of teachers in our city means that it is easy to find help in learning an instrument.


BartholomewSt Bartholomew's Concerts 






Saint NicholasWednesday Lunch time recitals back in 2016
lasting for half an hour from 12:30pm at
St Nicholas's Church Dyke Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 3LJ map

Louise Cournarie - Piano



The Park Crescent News & Events at The Park Crescent Pub, 39 Park Crescent Terrace, BN2 3HE.




Open Market: stalls  The Level/London Rd












Open Market: artists' studios


Play (for children)

Roundhill Halloween Street Play 2015

Click here for 1-minute video

The Round Hill Society's second Halloween street play, held on Saturday 31st October 2015, was a calmer affair than many, since children located themselves near the refreshments table and the sites of the dougnut and pumpkin competitions. Approximately £65 was raised in donations for tea, drinks and cakes, which will go towards the cost of replacing the vandalised mountain ash tree.

There was no absence of communication and excitement. One could not help thinking that for some children the halloween street play was a warm-up for the later task of tricking & treating households in the neighbourhood. Although less energy was expended on skating activities covering the whole street,  the theme of horror was definitely in the air with the focus appropriately on costume.

Click on the picture below for more photos and the rest of this report

street play












Bus-assisted walks starting from Round Hill

Healthwalks programme valid during winter 2015/16

Click on picture below for index of local walks/walking groups

yyy Why not get together with neighbours for a weekend walk - you may like to try the two bus-aided circular walks below:


The Level restoration project

There is a community volunteer-led Activity Plan for The Level, through which there are a number of activities to take part in. Visit www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/joinusonthelevel for more details. You can borrow a set of boccia or pétanque balls and play a game on the special area, and we also have chess sets and clocks you can borrow for a game on our textured artwork tabletop picnic tables. We currently run weekly Healthwalks, inclusive Play sessions, weekly gardening club with the onsite Garden Manager, and also have a Community Forum which is helping shape the park's community future and which is looking for additional members. There are two community spaces for hire in the restored pavilions onsite. More details at www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/thelevel.

The Level









Feeding the 5000
Review the organisations which achieved this, and how it was done for the first time ever at The Level in a short space of time before 2.30pm on 29th October 2015.

Refuse, recycling & dog poo collection

Round Hill area: Tue (weekly) = refuse; Tue (fortnightly) = recycling

Click here for City Clean's service update.

Highlighting unremoved dog poo


















Take this link to BBC Radio Sussex [06.00 Thursday 24 September 2015] and move the slider to 01:41 (just over halfway through the 3-hour programme) for the start [time check: twenty minutes to eight] of Simon Jenkin's report and Neil Pringle's interview with Sandy Hawkins from The Round Hill Society.

The story was also reported by Joel Adams in The Argus on Thursday 24th September 2015 (online version not yet present in archive), this time featuring our chair, Annie Rimington, and two Round Hill children, pictured on The Cats Creep (above). The newspaper article focuses on the health risks (TOXOCARIASIS) posed - especially to young children with the habit of putting their hands in their mouth - by roundworm parasites found in mess from cats, dogs and foxes. 

Both reports emphasize the need to find a good solution which does not prove counterproductive by leading to ill-tempered confrontation.

Votes (and who they were cast for)

7th May 2015 General Election

Brighton Pavilion parliamentary constituency

42% 22871 votes Caroline Lucas [Green Party] elected as MP

27% 14904 votes Purna Sen [Labour Party] Not elected
23% 12448 votes Clarence Eden Mitchell [Conservative Party] Not elected
5% 2724 votes Nigel David Carter [UKIP] Not elected
3% 1525 votes Chris Bowers [Liberal Democrats] Not elected
0% 116 votes Nick Yeomans [Independent] Not elected
0% 88 votes Howard Pilott [The Socialist Party of Great Britain] Not elected

Brighton Kemptown parliamentary constituency

Simon Kirby [Conservative Party] has been elected as MP for Brighton Kemptown constituency gaining 41% of the votes. Nancy Platts [Labour Party] came second [not elected] with 39% of the votes.

Hove parliamentary constituency

Peter Kyle [Labour Party] has been elected as MP for Hove constituency gaining 42% of the votes. Graham Cox [Conservative Party] came second [not elected] with 40% of the votes.


7 May 2015 Council Elections

Lizzie Deane, Louisa Greenbaum and Pete West have been elected as the new ward councillors for St Peter's & North Laine ward, which includes Round Hill.

A huge "thank you" to outgoing Councillor Ian Davey for his unstinting public service in this role (also acting as Deputy Leader of the Council & Lead Member for Transport) before standing down at this election.

The new political make-up of Brighton and Hove City Council is LABOUR [23 councillors], CONSERVATIVE [20 councillors], and GREEN [11 councillors]. This mix is reflected in Brighton and Hove's parliamentary constituencies with Labour taking Hove, Conservative taking Brighton Kemptown and Green taking Brighton Pavilion.

St Peter’s and North Laine (Three seats)
Lizzie Deane Green 5,096
Louisa Greenbaum Green 4,596
Pete West Green 4,286
Caraline Brown Labour 3,044
Jenny Henderson Labour 2,730
Maureen Winder Labour 2,229
Mike Long Conservative 1,116
Pat Ward Conservative 1,072
Heather Newberry-Martin Conservative 980
Rob Heale Liberal Democrats 510
William Parker Liberal Democrats 397
Michael Wilbur Liberal Democrats 363
Jessica Marchant TU & Socialist Coalition 353

May 2014 European Elections

South East - European Election Result 2014
[ Parties in alphabetical order - Turnout 35.4% ]

CON Richard Ashworth
CON Nirj Deva
CON Dan Hannan
GRN Keith Taylor
LAB Anneliese Dodds
LD Catherine Bearder
UKIP Janice Atkinson
UKIP Nigel Farage
UKIP Ray Finch
UKIP Diane James

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