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Open Houses near Round Hill

b3 Aparyanta Community and Friends 13 Newport Street a residential Buddhist Community. The artistic members of the community consists of two painters, an illustrator, a film maker

b4 Kingsbury Arts 13 Kingsbury Street - original oil paintings by Aaron Holmes, inspired by our natural environment and landscape

b6 8 Rose Hill Terrace - Tina Davies Painting: Mixed media; Louisa Crispin Jewellery: Silver Juliet Walters Ceramics ; Benedict Sheehan Digital media; Sophie Sheehan Glass.

b7 New England House - Jake Spicer Painting: Figurative; Jesse Leroy Smith Painting: Figurative; Shelley Morrow Drawing; John Moore Jewellery; Belen Gomez Ceramics; John Dilnot Screen-printing; John Link Painting: Oil; Jenni Cresswell Textiles; Emma Sandham King Textile Artist; Francesca Cluney Jewellery; Louise Simmons Painting: Mixed media; Sue Haseltine Printmaking.

b8 The Wrong Side of the Tracks! 17 Clyde Road - Paintings, prints, jewellery, ceramics, textiles, jukeboxes. Curtis Tappenden watercolours - Brighton & travels beyond. Becky Crow jewellery - stories in silver; Juliette Goggin Channel 4 Superscrimper's recycled jewellery; David Wilsher oils - Sydney, Provence, Venice, Devon; Fred Pipes prints; Lucy Lu decorative textiles & homeware; Emma Sutherland handthrown & cast slip porcelain bowls; Diane Hipkins felted animals; Dawn Galley knitted accessories; Snake River Press collectable Sussex Guides.

b9 The Garden House 5 Warleigh Road - Decorative and practical pieces of work are offered by blacksmiths, a mosaic maker, potters, a basket maker, paper artists, wood workers, sculptors and painters. We are also selling a range of inspiring plants, seeds, books and vintage home ware. Join us for delicious home-made food in our lovely garden

b10 51 Clyde Road - we are close friends, linked by our love of the natural world which we seek to express in watercolours, jewellery, acrylic paint and stained- glass sculpture. We take inspiration from phenomena as tiny as a seed pod and as vast as the night sky. Susanna Lobb Painting: Abstract; Val Coumont Painting: Water-colour; Doris Moorhouse Jewellery; Louise Durham Sculpture: Mixed media.

b11 99 Ditchling Rise - Barbara Jones frocks; Mary Dean felt; Chrissy Smith; Eric Pearson pottery; Arshad jewellery; Alison Miller mosaics; Siobhan Fitzgerald printmaking; Sula clothing; Stacey Manser-Knight ceramics; Zara Day textile artist; Angie Meaden-Bonnel pen and ink; Sophie Abbott painting: abstract; Belen Gomez ceramics; Sherry Humpreys garlands; Georgina Macey painting; Jo Brook stoneware; Jan Cooper jewellery.

b12 30 Gerard Street - Frances Bloomfield Box art; Pete Fraser Other; Janet Brooke Screen-printing; Bryan Ellery Bronze portraiture; Mark Thompson Stoneware; BA Jewellery students Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media & Design Jewellery; Chalky Installation;

b14 Caia Matheson Unit 14 Beaconsfield Studios 25 Ditchling Rise - Award Winning Contemporary British Painter Caia Matheson invites you to her Brighton studio. Meet the artist and enjoy the vibrant original oil paintings on display. Children most welcome.

b15 Betty and Friends Basement 20a Springfield Road - Betty and friends return with more of your favourite vivid vintage buttons, felt arts, enamels, silver jewellery, playful illustration, screen prints & textiles. New this year: stained glass art and cake in the garden. Betty Shek felt ; Thea Telford illustrations; Elizabeth Norris jewellery: silver; Matthew Nickels stained glass

b16 Ravenswood 28 Florence Road - Chanchala Ariyaratne jewellery: recycled; Heike Roesel etching; Chris Riddell illustrations; Si Uwins sculpture; Pete Suart painting: water-colour; Jo Riddell etching; Jacqueline Yu fan Li ceramics; Tony Bowen photography; Chris Priestley painting.

b17 14 Southdown Avenue - Ken Eardley functional ceramics; Vanessa Mooncie crochet; Helen Musselwhite paper-cuts; Sean Sims illustrations; Samantha Stas assemblages;Jonathan Williams prints; Mel Williams textiles.

b18 'All Colours Permitted' 17 Rugby Road - Francoise Koester wonderful range of silk paintings, hangings, bedspreads, cushions, scarves; Agnes Chevalier ravishing, original and delicate fine-art, machine embroidered pictures; Daniela Westcott unique, fun and quirky mosaics for indoor and outdoor; Jan Barger colourful illustrations on paper and canvas, delightful small ornaments.

i22 32 Warleigh Road - Jim Urquart painting: acrylic; Maldwyn Stride photography.

i23 Harebell House 1 Florence Road - sculpture and photography by Brian Mander.

i24 11 Rugby Road Adam Johnson - ceramics, painting, textiles, photography, sculpture, jewellery and much, much more.

01. 100w Presents Hung Drawn And Quartered 1a St Peter’s Street Brighton BN1 4HN

02. Kingsbury Arts 13 Kingsbury Street Brighton BN1 4JW

03. 8 Rosehill Terrace Brighton BN1 4JJ

04. The Wrong Side Of The Tracks, En Route! 17 Clyde Road Brighton BN1 4NN

05. The Studio 51 Clyde Road Brighton BN1 4NN

06. Number 10 Winchester Street Brighton BN1 4NX

07. 30 Gerard Street 30 Gerard Street Brighton BN1 4NW

08. The Dragonfly House 48 Ditchling Rise Brighton BN1 4QN

09. 99 Ditchling Rise Brighton BN1 4QP

10 Jennifer Beresford 115 Ditchling Rise Brighton BN1 4QP

11.Beaconsfield Studios 25 Ditchling Rise Brighton BN1 4QL

12 Betty And Friends 20a Springfield Road Brighton BN1 6DA

13. Hummingbird Studio 107 Havelock Road Brighton BN1 6GL

14. All Colours Permitted 17 Rugby Road Brighton BN1 6EB

15. Shabitat Saunders Park Depot Lewes Road Brighton BN2 4AY

16. Ink Spot Press Module B1, Enterprise Point, Melbourne Street, Brighton BN2 3LH

17. 37 Park Crescent Brighton BN2 3HB

18. Crescent Studios 18 Park Crescent Place Brighton BN2 3HF

01. Ned Hoskins 109 Stanford Avenue Brighton BN1 6FA

02. Nicola Jackson 257 Preston Drove Brighton BN1 6FL

03. Deborah Fleming And Friends 121 Hollingdean Terrace Brighton BN1 7HF

04. Printhouse 52 Hollingbury Park Ave Brighton BN1 7JF

05. Angela Harrison & Friends 358 Ditchling Road Brighton BN1 6JG

06. Philippa Stanton 64 Sandgate Rd Brighton BN1 6JQ

07. Julius Tabacek 231 Preston Drove Brighton BN1 6FL

08. 87 Lowther Road Brighton BN1 6LG

09. John Whiting 14 Bates Road Brighton BN1 6PG

10 Stuart Bullen, Mark Findlay And Friends 23 Cornwall Gardens Brighton BN1 6RH

11. Eva Wibberley And Friends 24 Harrington Villas, Brighton BN1 6RG

12. 13 At 3 Found Objects, Fine Art 3 Surrenden Road Brighton BN1 6PA

13. Teresa Winchester And Friends

14. No.31 Preston Park Avenue Brighton BN1 6HG

15. Geoffrey Hands 127 Havelock Road Brighton BN1 6GN

16. 31 Havelock Road Brighton BN1 6GL

17. Media Conflux 35 Chester Terrace Brighton BN1 6GB

18. The Cake House 37 Cleveland Road Brighton BN1 6FG

19. Anvil Ironworks 222 Ditchling Road (garden) Brighton BN1 6JE

20. Polly Raynes Family And Friends 202 Ditchling Road Brighton BN1 6JE

21. Kemp&co 177 Ditchling Road Brighton BN1 6JB

22. 47 Southdown Avenue Brighton BN1 6EH

23. 46 Southdown Avenue Brighton BN1 6EH

24. Rex Matthews 23 Rugby Road Brighton BN1 6EB

25. Number 11 Rugby Road Brighton BN1 6EB

26. Sylph Baier 3 Florence Road Brighton BN1 6DL

27. Delicious Delights 60 Florence Road Brighton BN1 6DJ

28. It's All Relative! 182 Springfield Road Brighton BN1 6DG

29. Progress House 12a Springfield Rd Brighton BN1 6DA

30. Open House Pub 146 Springfield Road Brighton BN1 6BZ

31. Varndean School Balfour Road Brighton BN1 6NP
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