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Beyond The Level - Paintings, prints, jewellery, ceramics, textiles & more.

8 Rose Hill Terrace - Tina Davies Painting: Mixed media; Louisa Crispin Jewellery: Silver Juliet Walters Ceramics ; Benedict Sheehan Digital media; Sophie Sheehan Glass.

New England House -  Sue Haseltine Printmaking & Painting.

The Garden House 5 Warleigh Road - Decorative and practical pieces of work are offered by blacksmiths, a mosaic maker, potters, a basket maker, paper artists, wood workers, sculptors and painters. We are also selling a range of inspiring plants, seeds, books and vintage home ware. Join us for delicious home-made food in our lovely garden

51 Clyde Road - we are close friends, linked by our love of the natural world which we seek to express in watercolours, jewellery, acrylic paint and stained- glass sculpture. We take inspiration from phenomena as tiny as a seed pod and as vast as the night sky. Susanna Lobb Painting: Abstract; Val Coumont Painting: Water-colour; Doris Moorhouse Jewellery; Louise Durham Sculpture: Mixed media.

Ravenswood 28 Florence Road - Jo Riddell - print making. 

32 Warleigh Road - Jim Urquart painting: acrylic; Maldwyn Stride photography.

23 Harebell House 1 Florence Road - sculpture and photography by Brian Mander.

100w Presents Hung Drawn And Quartered  - build giants and miniatures, fantasies and dreamscapes - 1a St Peter’s Street Brighton BN1 4HN

Kingsbury Arts 13 Kingsbury Street Brighton BN1 4JW original oil paintings by Aaron Holmes, inspired by our natural environment and landscape

Hummingbird Studio 107 Havelock Road Brighton BN1 6GL

Ink Spot Press Module B1, Enterprise Point, Melbourne Street, Brighton BN2 3LH

Crescent Studios 18 Park Crescent Place Brighton BN2 3HF

John Whiting - Architecture -14 Bates Road Brighton BN1 6PG

Eva Wibberley And Friends 24 Harrington Villas, Brighton BN1 6RG

Teresa Winchester And Friends

31 Havelock Road Brighton BN1 6GL  - Frances Doherty - ceramic sculpture

Diane Rogers Textile Designer, 35 Chester Terrace Brighton BN1 6GB

Sylph Baier Ceramics - 3 Florence Road Brighton BN1 6DL

ArtPublish.com 182 Springfield Road Brighton BN1 6DG
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