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Towards the end of 2014, Jan Curry, Round Hill Society committee member and author of several gardening articles in The Round Hill Reporter, approached The Royal Horticultural Society about entering Round Hill for their IT'S YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD campaign.


Prizes for good-looking gardens (14th to 21st June 2015)

Round Hill may not quite be ready for the whole conservation area to be judged by The Royal Horticultural Society, but a good beginning would be to get a whole street or a significant part of a street looking nice. This year, please aim to look really good between the 14th and 21st June 2015 and pretty good the rest of the time! The Round Hill Committee will award a prize for the person under five, ten and fourteen, who can grow the tallest Sunflower. The student house which grows something beautiful in the most original container will also win a prize, as will the household with the brightest or most eye-catching display of all. The most colourful street or area will be entered into the It's Your Neighbourhood scheme in 2016.

Download the backtofront.org.uk PDF Manual for ideas on growing food in front gardens or/& go to www.backtofront.org.uk for further ideas.

Some do this already:-

garden in upper lewes rd










 Crops growing in this front garden in Upper Lewes Road last summer included runner beans, carrots, chard, beetroot, Welsh onions and chives.

It's Your Neighbourhood campaign

The It's your neighbourhood campaign supports community groups in cleaning up and greening up their immediate local environment - whether that’s the street they live in, or a small patch of communal land needing a revamp.

More than 1,600 groups already take part around the UK. It’s free to join and each group receives an annual visit from an IYN assessor who provides advice and guidance on how further improvements can be made.

How Round Hill could get involved

In her request for guidance from The Royal Horticultural Society's Programmes Assistant, Jan submitted a short description of Round Hill and the actvities of The Round Hill Society and wrote:

We want to encourage all of us to take care of the little spaces in front of their terraced houses (many do all ready).  We want to encourage all of us to green up the area as much as possible.....The local school did make planters for our doorsteps some years ago they were very successful but the few remaining look a bit sad.  There is no open green space in our actual area but we are up on a hill with amazing cityscape views and in the distance, the sea.

Growing fruit in front gardens

Download the backtofront.org.uk PDF Manual for ideas on this.

Help from The Royal Horticultural Society

In replying to Jan, Jenna Pickvance, Programmes Assistant for The Royal Horticultural Society, wrote:

We will be launching our theme for 2015 in the next few weeks, and what you are saying below about greening up the little spaces in front of people’s houses is quite relevant to what we have in mind. Although it hasn’t been finalised just yet, the theme will focus on the importance of green spaces for wildlife and our own health and well-being and what we can do to transform unloved spaces – however large or small – into great green spaces.  The Royal Horticultural Society will be organising an activity for groups to get involved with so if you keep an eye on the Royal Horticultural Society and specifically the Britain in Bloom website here, there will activity ideas and a seed give away etc that may be of interest.

Jenna Pickvance also explained that to enter the It's your neighbourhood scheme, we should proceed through Anne Holman, The Royal Horticultural Society's "South and South East" regional contact. She also attached a Starter Pack containing basic information about the scheme.

Starter Pack (basic information)

What is “It’s Your Neighbourhood”

Who can enter?

What kinds of projects do “It’s Your Neighbourhood” groups do?

What are the benefits of participation?

How does a group get started in RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood?

What should an “It’s Your Neighbourhood” group focus on when planning its project/work?

What support is available for registered groups?

Additional online resources

How you can take part

Watch our website to track The Round Hill Society's entry to the It's your neighbourhood scheme.

The Round Hill Society's intention is to get residents in our neighbourhood involved. We have a good idea of what we want to do and will seek to finalise it over the next few weeks when we have obtained further information from The Royal Horticultural Society.

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