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There’s something special happening on 15th April and YOU can be part of it! You are invited to join in launching our Brighton and Hove 10:10 campaign, which will help people and organisations across the city to reduce carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.

Climate change is a big global issue, but if we all do something together, we can start to have a huge impact locally.

So what’s happening?
We are inviting anyone and everyone in our city-by-the-sea to join us on Thursday 15th April at 12.30pm for a photo launch with The Argus in the front gardens of The Royal Pavilion – so if you support 10:10 and are doing your bit to cut carbon, roll up and get yourself in the paper!

Come and meet the Brighton and Hove 10:10 team, our campaign partners and our carbon cutting pioneers – the individuals, families, schools, community groups, businesses, universities, and organisations of all kinds that will share their 10:10 stories and help spread the word in 2010.

There’s more?
• Get more information about Brighton and Hove 10:10 and how you, your family, your neighbours and friends can do simple things to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions

• Find out how you can win a family eco-holiday by sharing your 10:10 journey in The Argus Thursday 15th April 12.30pm (photo shoot at 1.00pm) The Royal Pavilion Gardens (front). No RSVP required. Media enquiries: please contact fay@brightonandhove1010.org

What is 10:10?
It’s simple: We all cut our carbon by 10% this year. You, me, that bloke walking his dog outside, your work, your kids’ school, the council, the church, the chip shop. Everyone.

Brighton and Hove 10:10
10:10 is the national campaign – you can sign up at www.1010uk.org – designed to promote achievable ways to reduce emissions for individuals, schools and universities, businesses and organisations.

The good people at 10:10uk are launching the idea of 10:10cities, and here in Brighton & Hove we’re one of the first cities in the UK to co-ordinate our own localised campaign aimed at inspiring simple steps to cutting carbon in all aspects of everyday life.

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