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Pedestrians in Round Hill

Hope for pedestrians in Upper Lewes Road

Brighton and Hove Environment directorate have agreed to carry out surveys this autumn with a view to providing ‘green man’ crossings at the junction of Ditchling and Upper Lewes Roads in all directions, and also make improvements in pedestrian safety along the Upper Lewes Road.

At present, people walking down Ditchling Road on the left are marooned and have to take a chance against constant traffic from one of three directions. The hope is that the lights will be re-designed to provide a safe crossing from this point by momentarily delaying just the left lane of traffic coming from Viaduct Road.
In the Upper Lewes Road the Council appears to be against pelican crossings because of the number of points at which people cross — they suggest instead, looking at reducing speeding by calming measures such as chicanes.

It is people in the immediate area who have the expertise to decide how their roads can be improved: in Upper Lewes Road, for example, some may favour pelican crossings at strategic points, or freeing parking to reduce speeds.

Residents will also need to monitor what the Council does — at present there is only a promise to investigate solutions, and results could be a long way off. Still, after three years’ on and off badgering, I am delighted that the Council’s actions may soon match the promises made in a smug article of City news in 2002: “safe… clean… fair… transport system… pedestrians safer than ever…”

Let’s help make sure real improvements happen

Peter Meakins, September 2005

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