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Community University Partnership Programme

The Community University Partnership Programme (Cupp) aims to create sustainable partnerships that provide an enduring benefit to local communities and to the University of Brighton. Round Hill has obtained funding to allow students from a variety of disciplines to undertake a research project in the community setting of our neighbourhood.

Resources on this website for those wishing to learn more about the Round Hill neighbourhood

knowing RH residents better - numbers, location in the area, ages, occupations, density, social needs, working locally/commuters; artists/musicians; any student/long term resident tension. A better profile of our area would facilitate skills exchange and would allow those organising events to tap the potential of local residents to provide talks, demonstrations, &/or activities.

better community events - what would residents want to be involved in; are needs/interests of all groups catered for? Finding suitable venues for all or some age groups in an area without a community centre. Adequacy of existing events and activities.

Round Hill local issues - planning restrictions on buildings; protection of our open spaces / wildlife habitats / trees; concerns about parking; waste management / recycling / composting; living near a WTS (odour) & MRF (particulates).

Round Hill Community Research
Inside the next issue of The Reporter, to be delivered towards the end of February 2012, is the Round Hill 2012 Community Survey.

Please take a few minutes to complete it and provide us with valuable information about what it is like to live in Round Hill and what needs to be done to improve things locally.

Alternatively, to save you the time needed to post the paper version through a RHS committee members’ letterbox, you can complete the survey online at www.roundhill.org.uk/survey2012

Be assured the information you provide will only ever be used anonymously and then only to inform local priorities and improvements to Round Hill.

The survey and related report is funded through the University of Brighton’s Community, University Partnership Project (CUPP). Two local students and a senior tutor have volunteered their help and are actively contributing to the design, compilation and production of a local report which will inform the future work of the Round Hill Society and be used to influence the council about local initiatives.

We plan to publish the resulting report in June/July to everyone in the area. You can find out more about CUPP at www.brighton.ac.uk/cupp.

To encourage you to complete and return the survey, CUPP will fund a meal for four at the Round Hill Tavern worth £100 for one lucky winner!

Please help by completing the survey by 17th March – thank you.

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