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To report an emergency call: 999
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Round Hill

CRIME and ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR is more of a problem now than it was a year ago, survey results suggest. Read more on this.

Click here for info on the University Police Liaison Officer

Organising events & providing information

In 2012, The University of Brighton's Community University Partnership Programme funded a Round Hill Community Survey. Feedback from this was published in the June 2012 Round Hill Reporter. A detailed report was presented by Yi-Chun Chen, an MA student in Community Psychology. The design of the survey form took several drafts. The Round Hill Society's  response to residents' feedback has been two-fold:

[1] Events

[2] Information

Round Hill's newsletter & online resources: 
Past issues of our printed newsletter 'The Round Hill Reporter' can be downloaded (in PDF format) from here

The Round Hill Community Noticeboard is a Facebook Group, launched in April 2016, intended to complement The Round Hill Society. The group's aim is for Round Hill, Brighton, UK residents to communicate with each other - promote community events; ask for trader recommendations; buy/sell/swap stuff; discuss issues of local interest. Any members can post but no regular advertising please. It's an invite-only group to try and keep things local and to prevent spammers from selling their dodgy wares. Please don't ask to join unless you live and/or work in Round Hill - thank you. The aim is identity rather than size. 300+ members already indicates good coverage within a neighbourhood with circa 900 households. There are other resources for communicating with adjoining neighbourhoods. Admin reserve the right to block anyone who posts inappropriately.


Brighton and Hove City Council

Links to a number of Council services








The Future of Brighton General Hospital Site

Andrew Partington's report on future plans for this historic site as a community health hub.

Credit for historical picture [below]: The Royal Pavilion and Musems, B












City-wide volunteering

Community Base, a registered charity operating from 113 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XG, provides a home for community and voluntary groups in Brighton and Hove.

Brighton & Hove Community Works was created in 2013 following a merger between

  1. Brighton and Hove Community and Voluntary Sector Forum
  2. Performance Development Service (formerly a service of Impetus)
  3. Skills Exchange (formerly a service of Business Community Partnership) and
  4. Volunteer Centre, Brighton and Hove (formerly a service of Impetus).

Pavements for People

Living Streets - Living Streets is a major new campaign of The Pedestrians Association. This is the one body that can speak for you with authority. The Pedestrians Association (PA) have since 1929 been the driving force behind much road safety regulation and many schemes such as the Walk to School campaign, Home Zones and pedestrianised areas. The Living Streets initiative is a nationwide - ongoing - campaign to win back the streets for everybody.
policy briefing on parking.

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