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I'd like more contact with people in my local community, but I'm reluctant to join the Round Hill Community Web Group
The Round Hill Community Web Group (at the time of writing) has 79 members. This is quite a good sample of Round Hill residents. The Round Hill Society's printed newsletter is delivered to about 1000 households.

Some local residents have expressed reluctance to join the Round Hill Community Web Group since to do so often means registering a Yahoo ID and yet another password. If you already use Yahoo or BT/Yahoo as your Internet Service Provider, your current ID (i.e. your Yahoo email address) and password are all you need.

Will joining a Yahoo Group mean that I get any spam or unwanted messages? See Tip 3 (below) to avoid unwanted messages.
Registering a Yahoo ID effectively gives you an additional email address. You can find the Inbox for your new email address by accessing the Yahoo Web Mail Log-in Page. Some ISPs love to give out free email accounts since they can target these email addresses with their own advertising, nagging customers using webmail or 'Pay As You Surf' to upgrade to their best broadband package, for example. This is a hazard of being registered with any ISP, though as a BT/Yahoo customer I would not say that they nag me much with their own messages. The ISP that I chose for my father (TISCALI) is somewhat more persistent. If you receive your current email through an Internet Service Provider separate from Yahoo, you can still take advantage of your Yahoo ID for belonging to web groups. Simply disregard the new Yahoo email account automatically created. Use your existing email address. There is no need to tell friends that a Yahoo alternative has been created. There is certainly no need to set up any new email account in Outlook Express.

Tips on joining Yahoo Groups
1. Yahoo Profile - when choosing an ID or profile, consider if you want to display your name to other people in the Group or whether you would prefer a degree of anonymity. Note that this will be your profile for any other Yahoo Groups you decide to join. You only need one Yahoo ID and Password.

2. Email Address - by giving you a Yahoo email address when you join a Yahoo Group, this makes you accountable i.e. it encourages you to observe the rules of the Group and not to post content which might upset others. If any Group Member digresses, then their Yahoo email address can be blocked i.e. the moderator of the Group will intervene. This prevents spammers from misusing the Groups. You need never use your new Yahoo email address at all if you don't want to. Likewise, you can be a totally passive member of any web group and still read/enjoy all the content which other members post.

3. Message Delivery - when joining a Yahoo Group, I recommend that you elect to receive "No email - I'll read messages on the web site". Ensure that you have checked this option, unless you want every single message everybody in the Group writes to be posted to your email box. You will still be able to post content to the Group's web site and to members who have elected to receive all messages in their Inbox. There are two half-way options e.g. a daily digest of all the messages in one message OR only special messages from the group moderator. I would still recommend the "no email" option. Once you have bookmarked the URL for your web group e.g. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/roundhill, you can easily go to the Yahoo Group site when you want and just read those messages relevant to your interests. Having a lot of random messages mixed in with normal emails in your INBOX can create confusion and unnecessary computer housekeeping.

How do I keep track of the Groups I have joined or search for new ones to join?
Go to the Yahoo Group Index at http://groups.yahoo.com. If you have logged into Yahoo, your group memberships will be listed in the panel on the left of the page i.e. you can decide whether you want to check for new postings on the bee-keeping Yahoo Group or access the Round Hill Community Yahoo Group to read the latest on Carelet or Dump The Dump.

This page also allows you to search for new groups to join by SUBJECT MATTER or INTEREST (which is useful if you have very specialized interests) or by REGION. You can narrow it down to most cities in the world e.g. by entering "Brighton" as a search term in the input box.

Below is a selection of Yahoo Groups based in Brighton, though if you are new to this game it might first be an idea to join the Round Hill Community Yahoo Group, since I can vouch for the behaviour of some of the members!

Anybody can start their own Yahoo Group. It might just be limited to the members of your extended family e.g. a place online where you can all share plans, thoughts and digital photographs. The person who starts a Yahoo Group can decide on whether the membership is open or closed i.e. whether people will need your permission to join (requests to join are simply emailed to the moderator who just has to click on 'Reply' and 'Send' to grant permission). A Yahoo Group can focus on a campaign or an interest so specialized that you may need to open membership to the world. The moderator decides whether the Group is listed in the Yahoo Directory or whether it is only known to people who are invited to join.

A selection of Yahoo Groups based in Brighton
Sport, outdoor recreation, and dance

Brighton Ultimate - a group of Frisbee players of all ages, catering for beginner & experienced games, meeting every Saturday, 1pm, in Preston Park - all welcome.

Critical Mass Brighton bike rides meet at the Level on the last Friday of every month at 6pm. Come join us!

Brighton Area Cyclists

Brighton University & Sussex Cyclists

Preston Park Lawn Tennis Club

Brighton Netball Club

Brighton Kayakclub

South Downs Climbers

Brighton Dancers Coop - meet to take class, share practice and network.

Gardening and Wildlife

Allotment Garden to facilitate communication between Brighton & Hove allotment-holders.

Sussex Birds - forum for the discussion of all aspects of Birding in the county of Sussex.

Art, Craft, Photography, Cinema, Film

Brighton Open Houses

Metalropolis community base for amateur & professional jewellers in the Brighton Area.

Brighton Photographers

Brighton Cinematheque

Mirage Film Society meets monthly at cinemas in Brighton.

Local History of Brighton and Sussex

QueenSpark Books for anyone interested in sharing memories and news of Brighton and Hove.

MyBrightonandHove This is the mailing-list of the My Brighton and Hove local history project. If you're interested in Brighton and Hove, go to the website at www.mybrightonandhove.org.uk.

Sussex Past - discussions and questions/answers on archaeology, local history, museums and architecture.

Sussex Bonfire - discussion of Bonfires, fireworks and similar customs.

World Development, Environment, Food and Health

The World Development Movement local group for Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove Friends Of The Earth – waste issues

Brighton Free Cycle - use this group to recycle (i.e. give away) or acquire (i.e. for free) household goods.

Jumble Junkies - for anyone who loves going to jumble sales, junk shops, boot sales, charity shops, and reclamation yards.

Brighton & Hove Greenpeace

Fresh Ideas - The network for community food initiatives in East Sussex, Brighton and Hove and beyond.

Active for Life Task Force - volunteers and paid workers who share an interest in getting more people, more active, more often.

Sussex Mental Health Community

Higher Education, TESOL, Languages and Computing

Brighton OUSA for Open University Students in the Brighton Area.

Brighton University Students Online - for any students at, or previously at, or wishing to go to Brighton University.

Brighton & Hove E-Clic English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Information Communication Technology (ITC).

LTTECH - for Language Trainers & those using Technology in ELT or MLT.

Italians in Sussex Club

Brighton Computer Club

ICT Network - for people who are teaching computer and internet skills in community settings .

Can you help to improve this list?
The above list was compiled simply by using 'Brighton' as a search term in the Yahoo Group Index at http://groups.yahoo.com. However, this search failed to track the Round Hill Community Web Group. Suggestions for Yahoo Groups relevant through their geographical base to local residents, to add to the list on this page, would be much appreciated.

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