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Aggies Delicatessen

2015 re-launch

Re-launch of Aggies on 2pm on Saturday 26th September 2015

Friday's charity event at Aggies, 143 Ditchling Road Brighton, raised over £100 for Macmillan.

Saturday's Open Day and Tasting attracted a good stream of local residents who were rewarded by a good selection of spicy snacks, curries and drinks. Indian food found a popular place in the re-launch of this delicatessen first opened in 2013. Recent renovation of the building at the junction of Ditchling Road and Springfield Road has smartened up the area, making this fairly busy setting - opposite BP garage, near schools & London Road railway station  -  much more inviting. 












Aggies is both a place where residents can drop in for a drink (tea, coffee a large selection of juices) or snack and a provisions store stocking quality foodstuffs. Items such as Real Patisserie breads, organic milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, etc can be obtained without going too far out of adjoining neighbourhoods: Round Hill to the SE, Ditching Rise & Area to the SW, Preston Park CA to the NW and streets off Ditchling Rd to the N.












2013 opening

Opening of Aggies in 2013
Residents passing the new shop on their way to London Road Station in the morning will find they can get many types of tea and coffee, hot chocolate, soya or almond milk.

Baguettes, panini ( pressed & toasted sandwiches) and ordinary sandwiches are available as well as hot drinks. aggies
The drinks are dispensed in take-away cups - handy for customers in a hurry to catch trains. There is no seating accommodation at this early stage in the shop's evolution.

Many Round Hill residents would love a cafe where they could sit, linger and use real cups, since our neighbourhood has few meeting-places outside private homes. Quite a number of us spend most of our days & nights within our neighbourhood, some working from home.

A community cafe is not what is on offer yet, though the family who run Shaktis and Kam (who is employed to work in the delicatessen) welcome customer feedback.


It is certainly useful to have a neighbourhood shop which stocks nice bread and fresh vegetables. Aggies Delicatessen carries some organic, so it makes it possible to avoid produce grown with pesticides &/or to shop for special occasions without a trip as far as the London Road shops or beyond.

It is located near a junction (Ditchling Road/Springfield Road) where many people pass (non-residents as well as people living locally).

By also catering for the quick snacks market at reasonable prices, Aggies contributes additionally to the services provided by the cluster of shops to the NW of Round Hill. aggies
We are favoured with retail outlets which have long opening hours, even though several more shops would be needed for our ones to match the offering further up the Ditchling Road at Fiveways. Aggie's Delicatessen is a move in the right direction and The Round Hill Society welcomes its appearance.

"Use it or lose it" is often the way with corner-shops. It is always good to see a shop like this one opening rather than closing.
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