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Waste and recycling

The Hollingdean depot seen from Davey Drive

Do you have ideas for reducing waste or increasing recycling, reuse, composting in your area?

Waste Advisory Group & Forum
There is a new initiative going on in the City looking at how we can reduce the amount we throw away and improve our recycling rates. This is taking the shape of:

1) A Waste Advisory Group (WAG)

2) Waste Forum

The next Forum date is:

23 March 2011
at 6pm in room one of Brighton Town Hall.

With a growing population, the way we deal with our city's waste is getting more important. In the next few years, authorities which fail to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill face EU fines. And yet much of the waste we produce could be recycled even now.

The issues are of particular concern to Round Hill residents because of the proximity of the Waste Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facility at Hollingdean. What city residents put in their domestic waste impacts on our amenity. A community composting scheme, involving the separation of food waste from the rest of what is currently collected in black bags, could address the nuisance of odour from the WTS.

Waste strategy
Cover of draft waste strategy 2009The City Council's strategy on waste includes some interesting information on the amount and compostion of waste produced every year by residents.

For example, we all put out an average of 436kg of waste every year and 8% of it is nappies! The report contains a breakdown of the stuff contained in our black bags as well as a detailed action plan for reducing the amount of our garbage going into landfill sites.

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