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RHS Minutes 2019-05-28

Minutes of RHS meeting of Tuesday 28th May 2019 at 51 Upper Lewes Rd.

Present: Kate R, Vivien, Barbara, Jan, Stefania and Rob. Apologies: Annie, Andrew, Eva and Miriam.

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.

Matters arising:
Playsafe on 2nd June has hi-viz volunteers but Barbara cannot do tea stall. Stefania and Rob agreed to do it, as Barbara said she has materials and kettle and water and power for us. Hopefully there is a table at Pavilions we can use - Barbara has not seen it this year but thinks it was taken with barriers etc back to Pavilions after last Playsafe. Stefania may have time to bake a cake on Saturday, and will tell Kate R how she does. Kate may then be able to buy any shortfall. Barbara has a small table and chair which Bike Man can use. Rob will collect Pavilions stuff and (with Barbara's help) get it all to Miriam's shed on Saturday late morning - if that suits Miriam. He can also take stuff back to Pavs on Monday. May also put up Display (done for Clean) with collecting tin for Blue Plaque fund.

Blue Plaque for 101 RHC - this seems to have been causing some misunderstanding, in that several folk are not happy that RHS funds should be used to pay the £1200 making and installing cost. Concern was expressed at the coffee morning and on our social media. To be clear - there is no plan to use RHS money to pay for the plaque, and any fundraising for it will be explicit. So far only the collection pot at the play "Clean" has been specifically for the plaque fund. Barbara is counting that pot's contents.

Clean-up session with Good Gym volunteers: The Good Gym folk run at 6.30pm on Tuesdays, and then do 30 to 40 minutes of volunteering before running back to the YHA in the Old Steine. There are typically 15 of them. To make best use of them we will need lots of tools to cut back vegetation grgowing over pavement. We also need vegetation growing over pavement. Later in the year seems best for the latter. Stefania is booking Tuesday 10th September for the Good Gym, and we will have a clean up that evening. Perhaps have CityClean remove bagged green waste on Wednesday morning.

20th Anniversary planning:
There will be a garden party, at Jamie's if he can, otherwise at Jan's, on either the Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd September. We discussed Andrew's suggestion of another Jumble Trail, and decided it is well worth following up. The first was co-ordinated by Jane Power and Laura Kate. Perhaps they would be willing to help again? Miriam produced the stalls map, and might do it again. Rob obtained the material supporting Chris's history walks from a few years ago, and is still planning a History Trail of Round Hill - on paper or on-line/off-line download. We discussed a calendar again, and doubts were raised about sourcing enough good pics in time, and potentail costs, plus the observation that many people no longer use a calendar. Old Round Hill Christmas cards were brought out and circulated. They got a more positive response, and it was agreed that we should sell the ramaining 80 cards, and seek new images for one or more new designs to be produced soon. Vivien will explore her collected images, others are encouraged to look into their own resources.

The Reporter is at Maslen's, and should be printed soon. Rob will get them to Kate W.

Following earlier electronic discussions our renewal of membership with Community Works has been acknowledged. It runs until 31 March 2021.

We read Annie's draft letter re street frontage alterations done without planning permission and wholeheartedly approved it. There is a small typo after the term 'planning permission', which should read 'in place before'.

The next Annual Round Hill Conversation (or whatever its called) should take place in October and will be advertised in the (earlier than usual) September Reporter. We discussed venue, and Kate R will approach Max and Rosi to see if they might host a Saturday morning meeting. We should also check to see if Pavilions could host an early evening meeting on either the 16th or 23rd October.

The coffee morning at the Roundhill was a great success (and raised £30 plus £30 matched funding from Max and Rosi) and they may now occur quarterly.

Vivien will look into TerraCycle to see if their model of community recycling might suit us.

Next meeting (we nearly forgot) will be either Monday 24th June or Tuesday 9th July at Annie's - if she is willing and able.

Meeting closed at 10pm

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