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RHS Minutes 2019-04-09

Minutes of RHS meeting of 9th April 2019 at 58 Richmond Rd (Jan's)

Present: Jan, Barbara, Kate R, Miriam, Eva, Kate W, Andrew and Rob. Just after 9pm Stefania arrived. Apologies from Annie and Vivien.

The minutes of last month's meeting were agreed with no matters arising not on the agenda.

Next meeting will be in Kate R's new home (unless altered) at 72 Richmond Road, 8pm on Tuesday 28th May.

Playsafe dates are now firm. although proposed 28th April has been cancelled as it took a while for Kate and Annie to collect signatures, which left fewer than the required 4 weeks notice of an event. Madeline has offered to assist with creation of rotas for stewards. Kate proposed a coffee morning alternative for residents to be held at teh Roundhill, Max has agreed to 10.30 to noon on teh 27th, but want an idea of numbers for cake. Max is keen to organise mother and baby gatherings as well, since he and Rosi have a new baby. Dates for Playsafe and linked activity:

2nd June - with Plant Swap. Facebook soon to give folk time to get seedlings started.
Both Eva and Jane Power are getting involved with sourcing plants. Dr Bike will also be there, £50 fee agreed.
30th June - with (more) tea and cakes, and singing.
28th July - with preceding Dog Show (2pm).
15th September - with bookswop, Jamie has offered to assist.
3rd November - Halloween events/costumes.

'Clean': Jan wants help to weed and tidy the garden, we agreed two evenings - Friday 17th May and Saturday 18th May at 6pm. Jan will provide refreshments/food. Andrew has drafted words for a leaflet to be given to audience as they arrive. It seeks contributions towards cost of Blue Plaque on 101 RHC. We will rattle buckets as they leave. A simple display of the play's features on Round Hill will form a simple display - exact location to be discussed by Rob and Jan.

101 RHC Plaque: Barbara said that an episode of Womans Hour had made mention of 101 RHC as the first hospital in UK to deal with mental health issues in women served by women (without prior 'commitment'). Eva will approach charities concerned with perinatal mental health issues to see if they might like to contribute. We will cover the play in next Reporter, seeking donations. Blue Plaque Panel next meet on 23rd May, and the plaque is on the agenda. Some of the actors in Clean have offered payment to jan for their overnight accomodation, Jan will direct this to the fund.

HMO meeting: Stefania attended and reported back. There was some good news, such as a plan to promote a Landlord Accreditation scheme and some stricter rules on establishing HMOs. Future of the group is threatened by likely changed role of Cllr Tracey Hill (if she is re-elected). Recycling was discussed, and the group asked for copies of our Reporter inserts and A5 leaflet (Rob will send).

Website Progress: Andrew took our collective notes on what we each thought a Round hill website should be for and contain and generated a neat summary. We agreed that we must retain the huge quantity of excellent material on the existing website built up largely by Ted, but we need a simpler system which we can all learn to update and add content. We recognise our lack of experience in this area but will explore a few areas: Kate W will look into technological demands and costs of using Go Daddy, Square Space and Wix/Wicks?, Eva will ask her partner about technology of stats gathering, Miriam will seek any friendly free advice from resident experts via Facebook, and she will generate a Survey Monkey short questionnaire asking our Facebook users to tell us what they see as most important on the website (but will not ask about those things we have already agreed WILL be on the website). We discussed the website in relation to other mechanisms (Reporter, Twitter, Facebook, noticeboards) and agreed that their overall use should be co-ordinated - as Miriam said, COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere. We need to keep the same website name - it is well known - but we also need ownership of it, and should pay for it. Any new site will need to work well on tablets, smartphones and computers.

20th Anniversary planning:

We discussed a garden Party, a calendar, a special Annual Gathering and a possible trail to reveal key features of Round Hill. Jamie has suggested a gardden party, but did not specifically mention his large garden. The anniversary date is 20th September, so weekend of 21st/22nd offers good days for Party, Sunday being preferred, but we need to speak to Jamie. Rob will ask him. Jan can host if Jamie cannot.

Stefania warned us of the difficulty in collecting good quality images for larger printed formats, and the risk of being inundated with many Megs of data. We talked around electronic images only or electronic and print. The former might exclude good stuff, so Rob and Andrew agreed they would undertake visits to view any paper-based material we might be offered. Miriam suggested that she could invite uploads to a section of the Facebook page for initial consideration, only chasing into on size and format if images are deemed good enough. We need to state we are asking only for images the senders have rights to, and for which they agree we can use to promote the Society, with full acknowledgement of course. Miriam noted that printing services on-line can be a bargain if one watches for special deals, but it would be good to have an idea of likely numbers wanted. Rob suggested a geographical trail, which could be followed via a leaflet or download. At each place there would be a notice explaining why the place/feature is worthy of mention. Features could be historic or relate to actions by the Society. Rob will approach Chris Tullet to see if he might offer notes he created for his walks.


Lady seeks help with gardening. We can use the Friends list to seek a volunteer of two. Rob will e-mail Friends and then follow up any positive responses, after talking to said lady again.

Planners have rejected the application for Student Housing beside the lorry access ramp to Sainsbury's (but the Boots/Co-op London Road site got permission). We discussed the recent cat death on RHC, and the need for vigilance. Stefania's Good Gym folk are ready to work for us one Tuesday evening - we will put a clean-up on the next agenda.

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