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RHS Minutes 2019-03-05

Minutes of RHS meeting on Tuesday 5th March 2019 at Eva's, flat 2 19 Round Hill Crescent, 8pm.

Present: Eva, Jan, Vivien, Andrew, Annie, Rob and (at 9pm) Stefania. Apologies received from Barbara, Miriam, Kate W, Kate R, Jamie.

Minutes of last meeting held 22nd January: summarised and approved.

Matters arising:

1. Regarding 54 Richmond Road planning application - did Kate R deliver a note to the householders as agreed at last meeting?

2. Paper and website minutes - we discussed how these can differ, and agreed they should not, therefore future minutes will be more carefully constructed so that they can be posted direct to the website. We went on to discuss how we can get more resident input to our meetings, and perhaps advance posting of agendas might be the way, inviting comment and extra items from readers. (more below on website item)

Playsafe dates: Awaiting input from Kate R, who has asked for help with getting signatures from Mayo Rd residents (Annie and Eva will help). We need to find a new system for moving barriers and road signs now that Annie's car is unsuitable - a call for early carriers (Saturday) and later returners (Monday) will be needed.

Sam Chittenden's Play, 'Clean': We discussed the idea of preparing an exhibition about both the hospital and the laundries for display in Jan's garden before and after each performance, and agreed to go ahead with one. Rob will ask Ted for help, as Ted helped Sam with the original research. We agreed to use Friends of Round Hill list to seek gardening assistance in preparation for the events. Regarding Health and safety, all such practical action should be left to the organisers, who have the skills and necessary public liability cover.

101 Round Hill Crescent: The freeholder has agreed to support an application for a blue plaque to be placed on the house, marking it as the first hospital in England for poor women which offered care and support to stave off nervous collapse or breakdown. We agreed to try local charitable sources (Veolia Trust and Co-op) for the necessary £1200, and try fundraising at the play (see above) and in the area. We agreed that RHS funds could be used to underwrite the sum, though fully expect to raise most elsewhere. Andy and Jan to work on wording for leaflet and article in June Reporter/ website etc. Annie and Rob to investigate Charitable sources. Rob to submit application to Commemorative Plaque Panel.

HMO meeting at Mouls Leisure Centre, 7.30pm on 18th March: This will be the last meeting organised by Cllr Tracey Hill before the election process commences. Stefania agreed to attend, and will receive briefing papers from Annie. Other committee members may also attend.

Website and its future: Started 14 years ago the website is a little dated looking, and very big which can make it hard to get to grips with. Technically it is not as easy to create posts as some of the modern sites allow, nor is it easy to include large photographs. It is a great archive of past issues which must not be lost, but should all that history be on the website?

At the moment only Ted knows how to add, amend and alter content, and the site is owned by David Guest who has paid the annual fee with his own money for many years. Ted might want to give it up sometime. We need to be ready to do the work ourselves. AND we need to think about what we want from the website, and the other social media elements (Facebook sites (2) and Yahoo and Twitter). The only used Facebook page is the Community Noticeboard and it belongs to Jane Power. The other one is rarely used - some committee members did not know it existed. We agreed this one should be closed. The Yahoo site is unused. We need to talk to Ted about the archive element, and how it can be retained.

We discussed possible ways forward without reaching any conclusions except that we would each send 4 or 5 bullet points to Andrew saying what we think the website should be for. These will be brought together by Annie and Rob in advance of the 9th April meeting, and shared on social media to gather responses before that meeting.

RHS 20th Anniversary event(s): The first open meeting of the group took place on 14th September 1999, giving us an autumn anniversary to mark. Calendars and postcards were discussed - we have en extensive collection of images, and might gather more from residents. Eva and Stefania will pursue good quality RH images. A pub-based event could be arranged at the Roundhill. A garden party at Jan and Rusty's is possible.


1. Eva would like to have a plant swap linked to a Playsafe event, she and Jan will discuss with Kate R.

2. other social events discussed - rolling jumble sale, street closure gathering/ tea party - it will continue next meeting.

3. Stefania will report back on Hanover's Environment Group meeting, and spoke of using/ linking with other social enterprises such as Good Gym.

4. Stefania also offered to take on Alan's Reporter delivery round if Kate W not able to do it.

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