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RHS Minutes 2018-08-14

Minutes of RHS meeting of 14th August 2018 at Miriam's, 31 Richmond Road 8pm

Apologies received from Ray and Kate W. Present were Miriam, Kate R, Jan, Barbara, Vivien, Annie and Rob. Guests Emily Robertson and Malik Tokwe attended the first part.

Emily and Malik, of Unite the Beat, described their two funding bids, with emphasis on one involving music and memories to build neighbourliness and community. This scheme might have 4 cycles over two years, each of five or six monthly gatherings to share music and conversations arising ending with a community event bringing it all together and sharing with the wider Round Hill community. The sharing could be a street event or an indoor gathering - in which Pavilions could be very useful if supportive. Whilst Unite the Beat is bidding for funding we expressed a willingness to help facilitate both the bidding process and the events if successful. To that end Annie will write to Helene Begg at Pavilions, outlining the scheme and intoducing Emily and Malik. Rob will provide cost breakdown for our last street party (2011). We discussed the sort of aspects of Round Hill which might be usefully emphasised in the bid, and how the communication networks that exist could be used during the project.

Minutes of the last meeting were run through and approved.

Matters arising:

Paint was bought and used (Harry, Annie and Rob) to paint out long wall scrawl. Rob will return to obliterate new stuff.

Miriam will do electronic publicity for 14th October Autumn Clean-up.

Our annual community meeting will be 17th October at Pavilions, 6.30 for 7pm, all over by 9pm. Rob will give Pete West the details. Miriam will publicise, and it will be cover item on Oct Reporter.

Annie will approach Sainsbury for wine, brandy and mince pies for Seasonal singing.

Miriam will do something on Advent windows for Oct Reporter. Welcome Pack:

Annie to draft letter to go with A3 recycling and refuse insert (Rob to arrange reprinting (B&W) 150 copies)

Street Trees: Rob to approach Council re our hopes to plant trees in Richmond and Upper Lewes Roads. Then we can pursue funding for the £336 per tree - Miriam on our Community noticeboard, Reporter, local businesses, grants and crowdfunding.

Eva sorted chocs for Mayo Rd folk and extra box for Karen as thank you for all her eastern planters work. Sandy to write piece on Karen's work and need for similar at western end (Oct Reporter). Eva to write piece for same on Photo Comp. Annie, Kate and Sharron to do one side A4 on Reducing waste for same. Community meeting on cover of Oct Reporter, calendar of events as well.

Date of next meeting: now 18th Sept at Stephania's, 8pm.

Sharron's Black Box advice A5 leaflet: the nearly done version was circulated and admired.

Drug dealing: More people are objecting to the trade from basement of 16 Richmond Rd. At least 3 neighbours have reported activity to Police without discernable result. The police told Ray Knight that they 'know all about it', but nothing happens. Annie will write to Insp Paul Ransome cc-ing Pete West, C Lucas and PCC woman.

Potential burglars seen in area: Jamie of Ashdown Rd reported 2 guys testing car doors and entering yard at to of Ashdown Rd 4am recently. Another person said they'd seen same behaviour the day before, circa 9pm. Police informed, came in early morning but missed the guys. Poster about it needed for noticeboard in same road. Miriam will prepare it, Rob install it.

HMO (and more) consultation: City Plan part 2 closes 13th Sept. Annie will read and comment on heritage stuff, Rob on HMO stuff. A response will appear in time.


Saturday's social at increasingly unjolly poacher is herewith cancelled.

Barbara has seen bike long-locked to fence north of her, will report on Council website.

Jan picked up a good 'can we help you?' card in Plumpton. We will think about something similar, after asking Plumpton how they cope with CRB checking and suitable training. Jan is going to pursue a Round Hill calendar - a cat calendar?

Meeting closed at 9.59pm.

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