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RHS Minutes 2018-07-03

Minutes of the RHS meeting of Tuesday 3rd July 2018 at 8 D'Aubigny Rd, 8pm.

Present: Annie, Kate R, Barbara, Miriam, Eva, Jan and Rob.

Apologies: Kate W.

Minutes of June meeting were summarised and approved without amendment.

Long Wall: We agreed to buy some magnolia masonry paint as CityClean is so unreliable, and stopping obliteration. Although Cllr Emma Daniel is keen to get help from restorative justice folk we felt that process would be slow, so must do more ourselves until longer term solutions (murals and plants) happen. She is also re-writing graffiti strategy document to emphasise end of tolerance. Annie will pursue Housing guy who nodded approval for murals and holding downward growing ivy with wires, but has never confirmed in writing. We heard a description of a guy who may be Barely Alive Clive - look for no upper front teeth, earrings, 4 letter neck tattoo - but need more sightings.

Autumn cleanup and cut back: Chose Sunday 14th October 11am to 2pm. Miriam will do Facebook and a poster for Playsafe the week before.

AGM: A weekday evening in w/c Monday 15th October (not the Friday) - we need to tell Annie which we can do. Once again it will be a community meeting for 'you' to raise issues that matter, and we plan to have Cllr West with us (please submit outline of issue in advance). I have asked Pete to indicate his availability on those 4 dates. Annie will approach new manager at Pavilions for support. Raffle tickets on entry, Sainsburys for prizes?

Christmas singing: Chose Tuesday 18th December.

Advent windows: Miriam agreed to organise/publicise, and will do words for Oct Reporter.

ULR (and wider Round Hill) Trees: Crowdfunding seems to be a good route, but also local funding bodies (Rampion). Hanover has worked with Council and £300 was enough to plant a tree. Rob will check with Mr Walker at Council on their willingness to plant on ULR before we act. Since this meeting Rob attended a B&H Council for the Protection of Rural England meeting which discussed planting more street trees in B&H. They plan a working group and drafting a 'reasons why' document to approach potential funders. I will keep in touch with them. Also heard that the Co-op at 7 Dials helped a local group get several hundred pounds for greening/improving their area. Eva will pursue photos of good street trees for our bid document. Peter Meakins has passed on some info about Street tree campaigning on Woodland Trust website. At the B&H CPRE meeting the wife of Edward Skinner (now retired but half owner of Hiltons Estate Agency, Lewes Rd) told me that they would contribute for a tree, but I should give her a little time to ensure we get good response from them! A set of links (greening - gentrification - rising house prices) was made, suggesting Estate Agents should be natural sponsors!!

Recycling: Sharon is drafting an A5 leaflet specifically on good black box use. We can use it to draw poor habits to the notice of households with bad boxes. Miriam will look at graphics on Council website as possible enhancement. We might deliver leaflets in association with autumn clean up.

Welcome Packs: The idea was discussed for a paper pack to put through letterboxes of newly occupied homes. Would have our social media stuff and the 4 page recycling insert from June Reporter.

Streetlight butchery: Rob explained his horror at seeing more delightful street lights being ruined by cheap 'new lamp' solutions which start by cutting off half teh heritage swan necks and then clamping on a tacky, ugly and often oversized modern lightfitting. Surely a retrofit LED unit could be installed in existing lampholder?? He will pursue the idea with Council. Met a lecturer in Architecture and Design at UoB during a sustainability visioning event on Wednesday - he may be able to help, as he engages students with community groups.

Thanking Mayo Road residents for supporting Playsafe road closures: We agreed to give chocolates to the key folk who do actively move their cars off Mayo Rd. barbara knows who they are. Eva will seek cards and (locally sourced) sweets. Five punds max per recipient, just 6 households to reward.

AOB: Eva has proposed aphotographic competition for Reporter, she took a charming local cat vs pigeon image, which inspired the idea, and may illustrate the piece she will write for the October Reporter. Next Meeting: Tuesday 14th August perhaps at Miriam's, she will confirm or otherwise soon.

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