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RHS Minutes 2018-06-05

RHS meeting Tuesday 5th June at Jan’s

[Short meeting following Jan & Rusty’s lovely garden soirée, thank you both] 

1. Apologies from Miriam, Ted, Rob, Eva, Ray & Barbara.

Present: Jan, Kate P, Kate W, Stefania, Cllr Pete West & Annie. It was agreed by all that we do not accept Ted’s suggestion that he resigns from the committee. We would like him to remain a member, to receive agendas and minutes, and give advice/comment via email and/or attend mtgs whenever he feels well enough.


2. Minutes agreed and no matters arising not covered on the agenda.


3. Next meeting agreed Tues 3rd July at Annie’s, 8.00pm. We’ll agree more future mtgs then. If you can’t attend next mtg, please let us know dates you can’t make mtg before the 5th so we can try for a date in late August we all can make.


4. RH social and book club (Kate) attendance has lessened considerably. Agreed to carry on with current dates and in September re-establish interest before setting further dates - perhaps wider apart, 2/3 monthly


5. 28th June Round Hill Stalwart helpers event, again at Jan & Rusty’sNext social event from 7.00pm, 58 Richmond Rd. All committee members are invited, Jan has already invited RHR deliverers, other suggestion to invite: Karen who looks after the northern planters, Richmond Hse reps, John the street cleaner and Damian and Eduardo from City clean, Harry who paints out graffiti, Playsafe helpers, past committee members who couldn’t make today’s event.....Annie & Jan to invite all the above. Committee members to let us know ASAP any others we have forgotten. Pete suggested we invite the Mayor. Annie to check with Jan and invite if it seems appropriate


6. Update on Hanover linksIt was agreed that it would be helpful to establish stronger links with Hanover community group. Stefania has a link with Paul (sorry didn’t get his family name) who does work related to sustainable living. Stefania to invite to a future mtg that she can also attend


7. Street trees: Concern that nearly all trees on Upper Lewes Rd have gone. Hanover have raised money for new trees that the council plants (£300 per tree?). Pete West suggested contacting Rob Walker at BHCC and asking for advice. Copy Pete into email. Kate to action


8. Update on local chairs mtg: Annie now regularly meets chairs of Triangle and London Rd LAT working to influence the council’s new graffiti strategy which should be published late summer and sharing information. Meeting Hanover rep on 20th June


9. Update on graffiti mtg: London Rd LAT hosted a joint graffiti mtg with Cllr Emma Daniel. She had agreed to lead on council action to address growing problem of graffiti locally. 


Sussex University are considering supporting a student team of graffiti busters. Kate W offered to make contact and find out more. More to come.


10. Next RHR contentNext RHR will be published in Sept. Rob to confirm copy deadline, likely to be in Iate Aug. Kate P and Annie to work together to write a ‘Reduce ‘ article to complement the very good Recycle pull out. Kate to focus on water, Annie to focus on plastic.


11. AOB:  No any other business. Mtg ended in the dark about 10.30 (we were in the garden and Kate W saw a bat...the rest of us missed it!)


Thanks again to Jan and Rusty for hosting a lovely evening.

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