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RHS Minutes 2018-02-27

Minutes RHS meeting Tuesday 27th February 2018

Apologies from Ted, Jan, Kate W and Ray. Miriam, Annie, Stefania, Barbara, Vivien and Rob all present, as well as Chris Morley and Jane Edmonds representing the Crescent Rd/ Belton Rd backland development residents.

We started with the backland development (28A Crescent Road) and a brief history. Plans for development were approved in October 2016, since when the site has been sold on and the new owner has submitted revised plans which show more bedrooms being packed into the dwellings, but no details of the revised fenestration. Objections have to be in by 5th March 2018, Annie will draft a Society objection and we are urged to send personal ones, emphasising the increase in density implied by extra bedrooms on a small site very close to many other homes, and pointing out the lack of clear information about changes to windows which may well have over-looking issues, but the lack of elevations and a completed table of revisions make it hard to know. Planning application BH2018/00433. Click HERE to access COMMENTS TAB on Council's website.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed with two issues arising. Stefania agreed to consider a piece for the next newsletter to bring together some of the residents of non-British nationality at a social event. Barbara will encourage the ex-resident of Round Hill who works at her chiropractors to write a piece about her time in Round Hill. Vivien told us of a website giving histories of Brighton streets - via brightonhistory.org.uk.

Next meetings:

  • Tuesday 10th April at Miriam's 31A Richmond Rd
  • Tuesday 8th May at Stefania's,
    98 Richmond Rd.

Vivien will be away after the April meeting until July.

The long wall expression of intent document has been sent to Cllr Pete West and a key officer. That officer is approaching the Housing dept for approval of the idea, the UNESCO biosphere folk and living wall people about their support. Annie has approached a landscape company who have outlined their first thoughts. We hope to be able to firm up mural works, maintenance of them and planting works soon and then seek funding. Annie has a meeting with Philip Wells (London Rd LAT) and Maureen Winder (Triangle) about graffiti and murals.

Spring Clean Day is 18th March 2018. Miriam has put info on Community noticeboard and will circulate a poster for us all to display either in windows or on suitable street sites. It was suggested that participants be invited to the Jolly Poacher afterwards for a drink. City Clean are providing kit, tools and vehicle to carry away collected material. Meet at junction Mayo and Richmond Roads 10.30am.

Only 2 people not yet on Googlegroup - Barbara and Jan. Stefania will re-send the invitation and Barry might be talked into helping ensure they join, said Vivien.

A second social at the Jolly Poacher was suggested. We agreed to ask Kate R and Jane Power to decide a date, ideally not clashing with an Albion fixture.


Emsily Jane of Ashdown Rd hosted a very successful folk singing evening, and may do more. Vivien, Andrew Partington and a guy called Robert all participated.

Annie has told the planning department about the fitting of plastic window frames in 6 D'Aubigny Rd and they have promised to act, though it will not be immediately.

Meeting closed at 9.50pm.

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