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RHS Minutes 2017-11-23

Minutes of RHS meeting, Thursday 23rd Nov 2017 at 51 Upper Lewes Road

Present: Eva Wendler, Ray Knight, Stefania Rosso, Barbara Harris, Ted Power, Rob Stephenson.

Apologies: Annie Rimington, Jan Curry, Kate Rice, Kate Wolstenholme, Vivien Eliades, Miriam Stephens.

Minutes of the last meeting: Ted chaired and took us through the 10th October meeting in some detail for the new committee members.  The minutes were approved.

Matters arising from the 10th October meeting (with some reference to the subsequent AGM decisions):  

  • Waste Transfer Station - Ted has sent an e-mail to those who expressed interest in a long term campaign, suggesting it start in the spring, but that a Facebook page to itemise complaints would be useful, public and hopefully embarrassing to Veolia and the Council.  Eva suggested we need to involve people affected from a wider area than just Round Hill, Ted has lists of original planning objectors and other contacts.  There was some discussion on broadening the campaign to get support from those not affected but in favour of a better system.  Community Works might offer a link to broader networks, and the campaign will depend on bigger publicity.
  • Herbicide use on streets: Rob to approach CityClean to see if they can effectively stop spraying at foot of the long wall.  Wait to see what they say.
  • Community Safety Fund: Ray told us of his (and Andrew Partington’s) efforts to establish a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme many years ago.  Much admin and a lack of sufficient numbers meant it never happened.  Numbers is always a problem.  A broad agreement that drugs trading and on-street use is an issue where more police action would be welcomed - mainly because of late-night noise and scary street groups.  We agreed to compose letter to police itemising places and issues seen and seeking their response.  Needles in garden on Wakefield Rd side of Cat Creep will be mentioned, Rob to circulate draft to committee.  A making yourself safer on the street piece for next Reporter to be sought from Rowena Gerrett.  Both  speeding traffic (Wakefield Rd) and the desire for a safe crossing on Upper Lewes Road were discussed.  Eva is gathering info on the second.  No clear picture of using Community Safety Fund arose, but Sandy Thomas has the list of people who expressed interest at AGM (herself, Ted and one other) and they can be contacted via Sandy - Sandy plans to arrange an initial meeting.
  • Houses of Multiple Occupation: Barbara summarised. She and Rob have attended meetings (the last on 5th Sep 2017) to monitor how licensed HMOs are now mapped and attempts by Tracey Hill (lead Councillor for the Private Housing Sector) to show fairness to all parties. See this web site's page relating to HMOs, which links to the Council's bulletins (latest is Oct 2017) on the current situation.

Next Meeting date:  Tuesday 16th January 2018 at Ted’s (55 Princes Rd) at 8pm.

Martha Gunn:  The manager did not attend but we discussed making more use of the pub.  The need for clear consistency regarding menu and real ale was emphasised, also more certainty about what is on when - there was a clash of Book Group and live music which the Book Group had sought to avoid when booking the space.  There was a suggestion that we resurrect the monthly RHS social, an occasion when some of the committee will be in the pub and available to meet other residents and talk about their concerns/issues.  Ray and Rob offered to do this (no surprise there then).  Rob will take our thoughts to the pub and urge the Triangle Community Group to talk to them as well.

Seasonal singing: fixed for 6pm Thursday 14th December 2017. Assemble at 6pm in Roundhill Crescent at the bottom of The Cats Creep. We agreed to pass monies raised onto the Martlets, Rob has contacted them for a letter of approval, to make us fully legal.  Barbara has 4 buckets to decorate but will not  be here at start of event so will contact others to hold them in readiness.  Rob will see the management at Sainsburys to get whatever they are offering.  Barbaras table (used for Playsafe events) is available for us to keep  - Barbara wants rid of it - we should see if there is room and willingness at Richmond House, perhaps via Annie in due course.

Round Hill Reporter:  it is ready and will soon be with Jan and Rusty for distribution first weekend Dec or earlier.

Advent windows:  all taken, any more can double up.  Miriam has both list and great map for display.  List is in Reporter.

Greening and clean-ups: There were volunteers for this at the AGM but who has the list?  Not until spring 2018.

Any Other Business:

  • The Conservation Advisory Group (CAG) is under threat from the Council.  They want every Conservation Area to be represented, which means the existing members will have to represent more than one area (a committee of over 30 would be unwieldy).  Roger Amerena has proposed that Brighton and Hove Heritage Commission represent the Round Hill Society.  After some discussion we agreed that we would go along with his suggestion, and Rob to provide a letter to him and Head of Planning saying as much.
  • Stefania agreed to set up a Google group for the committee so that mailing us all will be easier, and it will be easy to identify Group incoming e-mails.
  • At this point Ted invited each of us to tell of our particular interests and reasons for being on the committee.  Highlights included
    1. Ray offering to help organise any music events we might want,
    2. Eva keen to pursue a crossing on Upper Lewes Road, and the idea of inviting Cllr Pete West to next meeting,
    3. Ray doing some historical research on the Officers' housing (Big buildings on N side Richmond Rd) from old Lewes Rd Barracks time, and possible link to Charge of the Light Brigade disaster,
    4. Stefania keen on more diverse community events, suggesting a film night, and more on sustainable living stuff.
    5. Biggish discussion of drug dealing locally, abuse of cat creep, dropping needles, lack of effective police action and what we might do (see above).
    6.  Rob’s plan to create a smart phone app for history trail of Round Hill (Good Grief!!).

The meeting closed at 10.20pm.

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