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RHS Minutes 2017-10-10

Minutes of RHS meeting 10th Oct 2017 at Annie's

Apologies received from Rob, Jan and Miriam.

Present were Annie, Barbara, Kate, Peter, Sandy, Ted

The Minutes of the September 2017 meeting were agreed as accurate, including the amendment to the first draft: giving the reasons for dust & odour escapes at Hollingdean Waste Transfer St.

Matters arising:

  • Hollingdean Depot WTS -RE the goal of campaigning for closure

Clipboards needed at annual get-together meeting on Thu 19th October: collect email addresses of attendees interested in being the backbone of a new Dump The Dump campaign. Although Round Hill residents are less affected the further they live from the source of the odour / noise / dust pollution, there are still many located around Holllingdean Depot: streets to S of Hollingdean, The Downs Infants School. Worth covering all these areas and making contact with school PTA and governors. Ted to produce info leaflet for distribution on 19th October giving background to problems created by Waste Transfer Station explaining why closure is the only way forward.

  • Herbicide on the street - see if cessation is supported at AGM

Kate to post a poll on The Round Hill Community Noticeboard Facebook Group. Herbicide is still being used. RHS Committee feeling was against its use, preferring to organise clean-ups to remove weeds manually. However we recognised that there are some huge weeds which will damage pavements if not managed, poll questions will include For/Against as well as gauge willingness to participate in Clean-ups (e.g. twice a year).

  • Community Safety Fund - update on scope for RHS bid

Knowledge of this fund resulted from Sandy’s communications with Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office voicing RHS’s concern RE loss of Bonnie (our PCSO) and cuts to neighbourhood policing. Grants of up to £5,000 are available if proposed bid meets criteria (Ted circulated list which excludes things like CCTV or things like adequate street lighting = statutory duty of Councils). Kate emphasised the importance of studying both existing successful bids and the criteria which residents taking out home insurance are asked to meet to merit discounts. Annie summarised RH’s main concerns as break-ins, home security, bike theft, fly-tipping, doorstep scams, noise/anti social behaviour, vandalism, poor graffiti (i.e. tagging). Sandy felt that the bid could have several strands.

The aim of creating a structure akin to Neighbourhood Watch (without necessarily using this description) was explored. Barbara felt that recruiting a representative for each street could be part of the structure. Different volunteers already ensure coverage of the whole of Round Hill in our printed newsletter delivery rounds. Instead of merely putting copies through letterboxes, Barbara and Miriam have been knocking on doors and introducing themselves as RHS Committee members. The dialogues they already have with newcomers (e.g. explaining about recycling or how to get larger refuse bins) already reference prevention of fly tipping, which is a possible strand of a bid for fund money. Other strands of the bid could focus on things like bicycle safety and security - addressed already through Dr Bike’s presence at some street play sessions. The community project changing gears, at 63 Lewes Road, offering bicycle repair and training for cyclists, was mentioned as one we could possibly partner with in a strand of the bid focused on cycle & rider safety.

  • RH Reporter Deliverers update on success in finding new volunteers

Those present expressed appreciation of Jan Curry’s work in collating newsletters for delivery, especially her recent success in recruiting new volunteers as deliverers to replace those (whom we thank!) moving out of Round Hill. Receipt of The RH Reporter is how most residents hear of all the Round Hill Society does.

  • Dog Poo posters - Annie to email Rob RE progress
  • Halloween Street Play - update from Kate RE event on Sunday 29th October.

Kate promises a heatwave for this event and will blame long-range weather forecasting if we don’t get one. She reported a good level of interest already. Halloween means fancy dress. Cath will be returning to do ‘doughnuts on a string’. The carved pumpkin competition will also be repeated. Refreshments including cakes are promised too.

  • Meeting on HMOs with Cllr Tracey Hill - Barbara attended this on 5 Sep 2017

Barbara reported that Tracey Hill, the lead Councillor for the Private Housing Sector was doing well in addressing this issue, showing fairness to all parties. To become an HMO, you now need both planning permission and to be registered (i.e. a license) and what used to be disconnected in terms of Council departments has now come together. There is also an up-to-date map showing current locations of licensed HMOs.

Following a question by Peter, the committee saw the need for a RHR article explaining what is an HMO? (in RH = 3 people not related sharing kitchen/bathroom/living room) what are the responsibilities of an HMO landlord? (RE provision of bins, etc.)

  • The big pots at junction of RHS and Upper Lewes Rd near Ditchling Rd

These look tatty (all four are now graffitied) and in need of an uplift. Volunteers to be assembled via Facebook Group post. Annie to supply spare bulbs, black spray paint to block out graffiti. Karin (pot to the E of Round Hill) has had plants stolen.

1. Preparations for RH Annual meeting

Richmond House has been booked. Mini kitchen area with hot water source available. Committee to arrive for 6.30pm as residents will be offered tea / coffee / cake between 6.30pm and 7pm (start). Finish by 8.30pm. Venue made available by Pavilions without charge. Their manager (Libby Carter) will stay on to lock the building. Thank you!

Barbara and Annie to liaise over provision of drinks and nibbles (cakes, biscuits, tea, coffee, fresh milk) and will check the stock of cups.

Pavilions willing to display posters publicising meeting in Richmond House windows.

A4 Posters (for telegraph poles) needed to advertise meeting. Barbara suggested WHAT THE ROUND HILL SOCIETY DOES poster which Ted will update to include picture of “The Dog Show” organised by Jan.

Clipboards + paper needed to collect contact details of residents willing to be part of

  1. a new Dump The Dump campaign
  2. a project RE reduction of crime i.e. Community Safety Fund bid

Barbara to supply brief Treasurer’s report: income; outgoings + summary sheet. Need to pay more attention to income now that the mechanism (via membership of a Council-run group) which allowed Rob to apply for funding in the range of £1,000-£1,500 for community projects has been cut.

RH Reporters draw - The aim is that two residents with the right numbers on their will each win a small prizes. We are depending on Jan to manage “the draw”.

New committee members - a window of opportunity will probably be needed during the meeting for more residents to come forward if we are to have a full RHS committee.

2. Thank you to departing committee members

Sandy and Peter are stepping down due to other commitments, but have not lost interest. Continuing members of the committee thanked them for their work. Given the value of their interests / contacts / knowledge of RHC and Belton Road areas respectively /, we agreed that the creation of “associate committee member” would be useful to have as part of the RHS structure. This new category would allow residents who have already served on the committee to step down (i.e. no longer attend committee meetings) but still receive emails when things come up which we know to be relevant to their experience. Both Sandy and Peter agreed to be copied into RHS committee emails relevant to their fields of activity.

3. Nominations for continued RHS Committee membership

We listed those existing committee members who are willing to continue , arranging for them to be proposed and seconded. We know of one resident who would like to join us.

4. Next meetings: 19 Oct 2017= RHS Get-Together and 23rd November 2017 RHS Committee Meeting at Rob’s.

5. AOB

  • Peter raised the subject of The Jolly Poacher Pub on Ditchling Road which has now closed. The property will be advertised on the market.
  • Barbara raised concerns about noise from The Centenary Industrial Estate from two separate sources. A very noisy skip lorry visits Shaw’s in the early hours of the morning waking residents who live in the NE of Round Hill. Centenary Industrial Estate is also being used during the night for performing doughnuts: rotating the rear or front of the vehicle around the opposite set of wheels in a continuous motion, creating (ideally) a circular skid-mark pattern of rubber on a roadway and possibly even causing the tyres to emit smoke from friction. Residents have reported the smell of burning rubber. Barbara will report this to the Chair of the Committee managing the Centenary Industrial Estate.
  • It was also noted that the Council has cut back ivy growing down over the long wall in Wakefield Road, which could have been useful in deterring tagging.

The Meeting closed at 10.10pm.

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