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RHS Minutes 2017-09-05

Minutes of RHS meeting 5th Sept 2017 at Barbara's

Apologies received from Kate, Peter and Sandy.

Present were Miriam, Ted, Barbara, Annie, Jan and Rob.

The Minutes of the July 2017 meeting were agreed as accurate.

Matters arising: Annie wrote commenting on the Gerry Ingram site application, mentioning the overlarge size for the site and the lack of greening, all in the context of lack of housing for residents.

Next meetings: 10th October at Annie's, 21st November at Rob's.

Annual Meeting (open to all Round Hill residents):

  • After much discussion ANNIE will approach Pavilions to see if we can have their big space on a weekday evening they open late, and perhaps pay for an extra hour or so if we need it.
  • We want a well attended meeting so will offer free tea, cake and coffee, and spot prizes - based on numbering October Reporters and a draw.
  • We will do a flier and posters as well as front of October Reporter.
  • MIRIAM will start promoting key elements of the meeting on Facebook (RH Noticeboard), seeking to engage folk in
    • Crime/anti-social activity action ideas and possible grant application (Community Safety Fund)
    • Veolia smells: If our refuse continues to contain odorous waste, a defined aim should then be re-location of The Waste Transfer Station elsewhere. More consistent action over extended period would be needed to achieve this, so we need both to aiming to find out whether enough folk would be willing to participate.
    • ideas for social events.
    • We will ask attendees for their views on herbicide use on RH before planning any action with CityClean.
    • MIRIAM will approach two new residents re getting onto RHS committee.

Hollingdean Depot: Much discussed as well. Agreed that we need tight summary of the issue in next Reporter. We concluded that compensation is not a good outcome. The root problem is both the proximity to residents and the absence of a barrier between the odorous waste and the open air when the doors are opened. [ See The Environment Agency's comment on the need for an Antranra airlock system to prevent escapes. ] The existing site does not have room for double airlock doors and full sealing of air movement with mechanical filtration and ventilation, as such this site is too small for a state of the art transfer station. The current system cannot prevent escapes of both odour and dust. Therefore, the only solution (and campaign goal) needs to be closure of facility and its re-location. This won't happen quickly but should be our target - if there is sufficient community support.

Herbicide on the streets: Weeds are growing in greater numbers than before, probably down to lack of worker-time to hoe them away. A RH clean-up might solve it. Cannot call for cessation of spraying without consultation - which the AGM and Reporter will provide. ROB will take some light brown Council sacks to Barbara for her work on Mayo Rd.

Community Safety Fund: Ted provided an outline of possible ways we might attract grant funding, should we wish to go that way (AGM will address it, as will run-up facebook input).

Dog Poo Posters: Miriam brought A4 Bassett posters and will generate some A5 ones, ROB will buy A5 laminate pouches and get some A4 and some A5 posters done at UoS Lewes Rd shop, via Clare Peace there.


  • Playsafe posters, several A4 notices in plastic sleeves handed out and places to put them up agreed (JAN, ANNIE, MIRIAM and ROB took 2 each (I think)..
  • October Reporter: Some articles received, will put it together from 18th Sept. Promised pieces on 'Crap and Twitter Group' (I think that was a CityClean Twitter place to post pics of dumped stuff, which MIRIAM will provide?), ANNIE/KATE are providing a RH Readers report, ROB to do something on an on-line History Trail as discussed at July meeting..
  • Membership of B&H Heritage Commission confirmed and invite to the AGM received..
  • No10 Mayo Rd is becoming an HMO according to a builder Miriam spoke to. No 7 has just been given an HMO licence, thus 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 will soon be HMOs (temporary housing). No 15 is up for sale. We concluded that the 50m radius circle is being heavily biased by the flats of Mayo Court (this seems likely - a 50m radius circle drawn around 7 mayo Rd includes 35 terraced houses and all of Mayo Court, I will circulate the plan if anyone wishes to check or count more accurately). MIRIAM, BARBARA and ANNIE will gather with maps and computer access to record our RH HMO info. Barbara announced there is an HMO group meeting coming 21st Sept, she and Rob plan to attend..
  • The appeal against the council's refusal for a new number 2 D'Aubigny Rd was dismissed by the Inspector, on the grounds of loss of light to the garden section belonging to a particular flat at 103 RHC (a never before raised issue)..
  • Mattresses on the street: part of the annual changeover routine in 'houses for income' areas. Hard to pin blame, but we agreed that options for reporting dumping to Cityclean should be used both as a deterrent to those responsible and to ensure that the offending items are promptly removed. Options for reporting include: ANNIE will also be providing some damning images for Reporter.
  • University of Brighton's plans for huge developments on Lewes Rd outlined by Rob..
  • Ted reported that 81 Princes rd (end of the line, adjacent to access for new railway housing) is being done up..
  • Ted also reported that the backland site ('tween Belton and Crescent Roads) is to be auctioned on 7th September 2017..
  • We discussed the issue of on-street caravan parking. A grey area. It will come up again. If people live in it we can do something, if we cannot contact owner or have no co-operation we can get it towed if steet closure due. Otherwise . . .

Meeting ended at a point I failed to notice.

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