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RHS Minutes 2017-06-20

Minutes of RHS meeting 8pm 20th June at Jan’s

Apols and attendance: Apols from Ray, Kate and Miriam. Present: Barbara, Peter, Jan, Sandy, Ted, Annie and Rob. Guests: Jackie and Jane.

Minutes of the May 2017 meeting were approved.

Matters arising:

  • Reduction in PCs and PCSOs. The PCC has failed to reply to our email. Sandy to re-send it for the third time and write a draft to Argus publicising the 101 failure and loss of PCSOs, and PCC poor response.
  • The Long Wall ivy planting has failed entirely, Rob has plans for more better rooted plants, and bigger holes with more soil added.
  • Thermal Imaging project – seems to have gone the way of some Community University Partnership Projects in the past. Nothing has been heard in weeks, despite reminders.
  • Dog Show: It was a great success with much thanks due to all who helped, especially Jan and her family for the idea and the follow-through, and the Surrey Dog handler police officer, Tom, for judging. A total of £32.01p was raised from the refreshment stall at the joint Streetplay/Dog Show event.

Next meetings: at Ted and Jane's on 27th July. 31st August meeting at Barbara's was postponed to September.

Other Items

  • June Reporter: Rob handed £185 to Barbara, collected for adverts, including some prepaid for whole year. Delivery of one RHR round was regrettably delayed until 20 June to the dismay of some residents. Some rounds need small adjustment in numbers. Committee deliverers should let Jan know of shortfalls or extras. Could Jan please inquire of others if numbers are correct.
  • Brighton and Hove Heritage Commission: Membership for 2016/7 not paid, they say. Could Barbara check accounts and pay them if true. We do have a 'nearly in Round Hill' plaque coming up in March 2018, to VC holder Ernest Beal, whose family home was what is now Mojo's cafe on nearby Lewes Road.
  • Junction crossing at Viaduct/Ditchling Rd: Peter will seek a better break down of accident stats representing the Society as a 'Parish Council', which seems to have a better access to data than voluntary group, even in times when Council is keen to work with such groups. (Peter's Freedom of Info request was turned down because the data is readily available – BUT it is not broken down into pedestrian and motorist/cyclist injury, making it near useless for arguing tor a crossing.)
  • Dog excrement posters: Jan likes the softer message in the Bassett Hound poster available from Council website. Rob will try to remember to print a couple out and ask UoS local office to laminate them for street use.
  • Jumble Trail went well. We agreed it should happen again, perhaps with an Open Garden Event? Perhaps on Jo Cox memorial day?
  • Planning: 101 RHC back garden house – there were several letters of objection to the appeal. It was noted that the reasons for previous refusal are still not on the Council Planning website –this is a serious omission and has not been remedied following representation. How should this be followed up?? A letter to the most proactive Councillor on Committee asking him/her to raise it with officers?
  • Gerry Ingrams car repair yard – another application to squeeze 86 or so student rooms into this area, behind Hollingdean Road and beside the rising access road for Sainsbury's delivery lorries.

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