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RHS Minutes 2017-01-10

Minutes of 10th Jan 2017 RHS meeting at Mayo Road (Barbara's)

Present and apologies: Peter and Kate sent apologies, Barbara, Ted, Jan, Annie, Rob, Sandy and Miriam were present.

After a date change (meeting at Annie's no longer 21st March but 27th) the Minutes of the December 2016 meeting were approved.

Next meetings: 21st Feb at Sandy's, 27th March at Annie's, and 9th May at Rob's.

Seasonal singing - raised £190, cheque has been drawn and mailed to Mayor's Parlour by Barbara. All agreed lovely hospitality at Ted and Jane's. Next time we need more buckets and collectors, ideally kids with adults. Also need to swap collection and singing roles for those wanting both. Perhaps find bucket folk who don't sing. Superb buckets from Barbara, complete with bells and lights! Article in next Reporter (March issue, 18th Feb deadline) to mention help from Sainsburys. Perhaps plan next route to include advent windows.

Advent windows: Many excellent. Best photos seem to have been posted by Astra.

Greenspace questionnaire (CUPP and Community Works initiated): Rob reported what he wrote on behalf of RHS after consulting the committee.

Long Wall survey: of 27 letters with sae delivered we had one reply. They favour planting and painting out graffiti rather than artwork. Rob claimed c£20 in expenses (stamps and envelopes).

Visit by Richard Bradley and David Mamura (of City Clean) to Annie: Their plan is to introduce grey wheelie bins for recyclables (excluding glass) in an effort to improve recycling rates. They are willing to door-knock to see if some houses with several flats could have fewer grey bins than one per household - a nod in the direction of minimising street clutter. Bins will be labelled with acceptable content. We will promote the idea (and bin sharing) in next Reporter - assuming timing is right. Annie will see when they plan to do doorknocking. We should speak to friends and neighbours.

Composter outcomes: too few expressions of interest to take it any further.


  • Western planters (especially furthest west) in poor condition. Apple tree not put back by Ruth who seems to have moved away. Annie will buy some plants and take extra compost and bark from Pavilions to refresh. Rob offered to assist.
  • Rob reported on forthcoming activities being planned for the Level including
    1. history/habitat walks and
    2. possible celebration of local history groups.
  • Miriam referred to the MyHouseMyStreet website where old street directories have been published.. We could put on an event to complement Level plan - 7th to 10th September, Heritage Open Door weekend.
  • Dog show and Playsafe: we discussed running them on same day, and eventually decided it could work, if show moved to south end Mayo Rd, and times had small overlap. Need to check with Kate. More in next Reporter.
  • Dog fouling: on the increase. We discussed new initiatives and how to involve more esidents. miriam will draft an 'eyes' poster.
  • Playsafe dates for 2017:
    1. 30th April 
    2. 21st May (with dogshow?),
    3. 25th June,
    4. 23rd July?? in school hols?,
    5. 10th September,
    6. 1st October and
    7. 29th October.
  • Student Housing Fair at Sussex Uni: Annie and Barbara to represent RHS at this event on 1st February. Barbara reminded us of a You and Yours Radio 4 prog about HMOs in Oxford and elsewhere (6th Jan 17, on iplayer).

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