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RHS Minutes 2016-06-07

Minutes of RHS meeting 7th June 2016 at Jan's.

Those present: Jan, Carol, Barbara, Ted and Rob. Bonnie present for early garden visit.

Apologies from Sandy, Annie and Ray.

Minutes of April 2016 meeting approved.

Matters Arising: neither 101 Round Hill Crescent nor Crescent Road backlands are on the June planning agenda.

Dates of next meetings: 6th September at 51 Upper Lewes Rd, and 4th October at Barbara's - 14 Mayo Rd.

Garden gathering - Jan is using family members to 'police' hazard spots, and has plenty warning notices, and will hand out safety sheets to attendees. Near neighbour Jo is organising arty events and we will cover expenses (but cheap stuff please). Michael will perform two short sets as he did at street picnic a while back at 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Rob will bring gazebo and large water container for the day. We think Annie will bring tea, coffee, soft drink, paper cups and plastic glasses as per Playsafe events. Cakes from Barbara, Carol and Jan, perhaps also Jane. Rob will draft certificates and circulate for content and design before his hols. We will arrange laser printing of a good paper once agreed. Mayor Pete will hand over certs on the day.

Newsletter production labour sharing. We agreed that the next Reporter would go out to deliverers on friday 30th Sept, for delivery over first weekend of October because students from both unis will be here then. Rob will prepare and send copy to Maslens (Janette) and Jan and Rusty will collect from there, with Barbara and perhaps others doing bundle creation, and delivery to deliverers. Kate's email will be removed from Reporter, but we hope to have generic addresses and forwarding on website (see below).

Website contacts: existing e-mail links on website are not handled quickly, and could be improved if we take more responsibility. We will ask David if he can remove defunct links, and create links to individuals as follows - news @roundhill.org.uk to Rob, Playsafe@roundhill.org.uk to Kate and planning @roundhill.org.uk to Ted.

The RHS is now a member of the B&H Commemorative Plaque Panel. We discussed the possibility of plaques on 101 Round Hill Crescent and 148 Lewes Rd (Mojo's Cafe). The former being the first womens hospital in England and the latter being birthplace of a Victoria Cross recipient called Beal. Committee members will be able to attend launches of new plaques.

Cancelled June Playsafe and Mayor - Kate has arranged for Pete West to attend the July Playsafe event.

Crime report: Bonnie reported crimes in Round Hiil for May as follows: car reported stolen in Mayo Rd. Bonnie told us she did not expect to be a PCSO by December at the latest, perhaps sooner. We discussed the possibility of Bonnie attending a party to mark her valuable role hereabouts over the last few years.

Sainsburys - we await Annie's return to learn more.

The long wall plans - we will try planting ivy at its foot, and are still seeking artists to take on commissions (for Triagle, Sylvan Hall and us). Just had an offer from UoB students union which might be useful. Only 2 daubs since we repainted on 21st may, both swiftly over-painted by Harry Brignull.

Noticeboards - we discussed new material for the 2 physical noticeboards.

Any Other Business:

1. Doorknocking event on Wakefield Rd - we were reassured that overpainting the long wall was well received.

2. Dumping of household goods by big bins at end of tenancies needs addressing - perhaps promote Shabitat and BHF shop, perhaps smaller household items might be stored for reuse at UoS Lewes Rd shop, as they have proposed.

3. The CUPP funding will not happen, but the staff still keen to do the research with volunteer households - Rob will pursue.

4. Henry does not want the CAG job, Ted will produce article for new Reporter seeking a volunteer at AGM (in October).

5. We discussed the Veolia Liaison meetings. Ted convinced us attendance is of little use, and that we should use the Env Agency for noise and smell complaints, not the Council for noise as reporter says (will be altered). The possibility of a dust research project from one of the universities was raised.

6. A street lamp at 11 Mayo Rd has gone out again. Barbara has heard the electricians want to remove the swan neck and fit a modern light unit.

Meeting closed at 10.34pm.

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