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RHS Minutes 2016-04-26

Minutes of RHS meeting of 26th April 2016 at 51 Upper Lewes Rd

Present: Ray, Carol, Jan, Ted, Sandy, Barbara, Annie and Rob. Also Cllr Pete West, PCSO Bonnie Scovell and Harry Brignull.

The Minutes of the March 2016 meeting were agreed, with emphasis on retaining small group meetings with neighbouring groups like Triangle and DRARA.

Matters arising:

Noticeboard(s) will need regular updates, suggestions included Jan's garden party, wildlife spotted recently, Bonnie contact info and need to report incidents, Crime stats, Vote in PCC.

Long wall. We agreed to publicise a repaint on 21st May at 10am, seeking volunteers. Publicity will include indication of our preferred long term solution (climbing plants and 3 bays for Triangle, Sylvan and RHS images). Pete suggested we contact Simon Bannister for help finding artists. Harry will draft the publicity/action letter. There were several suggestions for paint colour and possible simple designs, and possible source of paint (Veolia paint recycling project, Hove trash site) and possible help with cost of materials from CityClean.

Sainsburys: Annie reminded us about the person who fell from D'Aubigny Rd/Sainsburys wall and suffered 'life changing injuries' about 9 months ago, and the perceived increased risk with Pavilions clients moving into area. The 2 parties have apparently met and discussed issue and agreed they need not do anything to increase safety. Meanwhile the current manager (Chris Sharp) has suggested we might meet to discuss improving the first of the beds at front of Sainsburys. He spoke of turf, we think not. They will fund topsoil, compost and plants. Annie, Rob and Jan will meet Chris and his deputy (Matt Lee) on site soon. We agreed to invite them and HR person to our Garden party on 3rd July. Next Reporter will have a piece seeking a volunteer to keep newly created bed neat. Sainsburys seem OK with idea of Triangle/RHS noticeboard on their wall.

Dog Stencilling: Annie and Sandy organised partial renewal with 2 children, and two more kids renewed in more roads during the playsafe event. We decided to reward them with certificates to be handed over by mayor West at garden party.

Police and Crime Commissioner: publicity has been bad, and some candidates still have nothing on their websites, or poor contact details. We need to vote for candidates who support keeping good community policing - we were agreed that as a residents' association we should encourage people both to review what the different candidates are standing for and to use their votes. Both 1st and 2nd choices are available in this election.

Date of next 2 meetings (new 6 week cycle):

Tuesday 7th June, 2016 an Jan's 8pm, but 30 mins early to check garden re party staffing.

Tuesday 19th July, 2016 at Carol's at 8pm.

Playsafe report: Richmond House is now storing our Playsafe kit. The event nearly didn't happen. Kate pushed hard and got support from Pete West, who was able to help obtain a temporary street closure when the usual officers did not have time to do the usual. Lots of younger children this time, excellent film on website from Ted. £23 raised from tea coffee cake and biscuits courtesy Barbara with Annie. Dr Bike (Bruce)very busy, lots of good servicing. No cost to us this time, but if we want him again next spring it will cost about £60 - and worth it.

Richmond House Liaison Meeting 4th April: Annie, Ted, Henry (Sandy's partner) and Bonnie present. Bonnie noted that theere were a number of issues in February, followed by a quiet March and then a few issues in April. It was emphasised that issues must be reported to police and Richmond House, if we expect improvement and support. The project manager (Grant) is lodging with Barbara, but has been home in Southampton on family business. He is keen to follow up all issues. In next Reporter we will urge reporting of incidents, whilst emphasising the value of the project. There is a gardening project on site, and we may be able to help. Barbara will take lead, Veolia may be able to provide compost, social media may provide plants. We could arrange events using their car park and forcourt, such as table top sales or even film showings on weekend evenings.

Current planning issues: Ted has resigned from CAG after 10 years graft. Perhaps Henry would consider taking it on? A day and a half every 3 weeks. Thank you Ted.

CAG recommended refusal of Crescent Rd backland and suggested looking at new building footprints and single storey developments. It will go to committee if officers approve it, but they may refuse it.

101 Round Hill Crescent garden plan was not opposed by CAG, in fact they said 'no objection on conservation grounds', demonstrating a very narrow understanding of Conservation Area status. Still time to lodge objections, emphasising the importance of long views out of CA, as noted on CA statement, and recently repeated by govt planning inspector when rejecting first Richmond House gross over-development plan. We should try to get planning committee site visit, and ensure best long views shots are available to planning committee at the committee meeting.

AOB: Bonnie reported 4 incidents since 15th March

18th  -  wing mirror broken off in Princes Crescent,

19th -  unlocked bike taken from Richmond Rd front garden,

23rd -  Motorbike stolen in Princes Crescent

31st -  drivers window broken and cash stolen from car in Round Hill Crescent.


We discussed the garden party, agreed the need to have folk at key places to avert accidents, children must have adults with them, considered child activities such as drawing (Jan to ask Jo), possibly storytelling. Tea in shed, need big water container. People to bring own food and alcohol. Musicians to be sought (Rob). 1.30 to 5pm agreed time for entry, but linger longer if nice.

Sandy commented on the poor parking and anti-socially early starts amongst the many builders around at moment.

Jan noted that there are lots of pretty front gardens around at the moment.

Rob summarised the CUPP bid, which may go ahead even if we fail to get CUPP funding.

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