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RHS Minutes 2016-03-15

Minutes of the RHS meeting held on 15th March at 55 Princes Rd.

Apologies received from Carol, Annie, Ray, Barbara and Cllr West. Bonnie would arrive late having been to a DRARA meeting first. Present were Ted, Sandy, Kate and Rob, with Bonnie arriving about 8.20pm.

The minutes of the February 2016 meeting were approved without amendment.

We decided to offer Tuesday 26th April as the date for the next meeting, and see how many can make it, given the poor attendance this evening. Please respond to this.

Matters arising not covered below: the mayor's office has accepted our invitation for the mayor to attend the garden party.

Noticeboards: Ashdown Rd is up and empty, but will have dates of Playsafe events and Garden Party soon, as well as poster for Dr Bike, who is at next Playsafe. Invoice has been received and will be paid when Carol returns. Meanwhile Rob will get the second board from Centennial Estate folk, and continue to seek Jig's approval for fixing it to Red White Rose's side wall.

We await a report from Annie on the Sainsbury flower beds, which may well be joint with Sainsbury staff and members of the Triangle. There was mention of the 'carrier bag fund' as possible additional funding source.

Wakefield Rd graffiti walls: Harry Brignull has suggested he'd like to paint over them again, but we think a better solution is needed, perhaps involving finding artists we like and ivy-planting some panels. Rob will approach Barry of Sylvan Hall, and the Council. Since the meeting I have met Branwen Lorigan, who knows a lot about mural artists in town and co-ordinates this stuff for the Council. Have also had meeting with Maureen Winder re a plan to seek funding for sustainable planting for the Biosphere in the area, and the ivy wall element may fit this bill (as might Sainsbury's beds). We spoke of murals that were of 'spring-like and joyful art'.

Clean-up and dog stencils: We failed to identify a date for a clean-up, but agreed that Sandy would liaise with Annie to renew dog-stencils, which are beginning to fade.

Possible joint meeting with Triangle: This was not pursued enthusiastically, but we thought it would make sense if there was a particular reason for it to happen. Since the meeting I met with Maureen (Triangle and Level Communities Forum), Philip Wells (London Road LAT) and Elspeth Broady (DRARA), where we discussed a BIG fund for Sustainability, in which bigger sums can be available where groups work together. We discussed a big planting for wildlife bid. More in later notes.

Any Other Business:

Crime report from Bonnie - 4 incidents since 9th February (last report date): 1 - 13th Feb 5 cars had tyres slashed in Princes Crescent, 1 - criminal damage to a motorcycle in Upper Lewes Rd, 3 - also 5th March, a burglary to a flat in 6 D'Aubigny Rd, 4 - 9th March motor cycle stolen from Round Hill Crescent. Police were also called to Richmond House on 11th Feb, but no charges brought. Next Rich Ho/ Pavilions liaison meeting is 4th April.

The Police and Crime Commissioner candidates are now known. We agreed to ask each how they would deal with loss of our relationship with PCSO, which has grown to the point where we know she can help on issues, and does. Will a team of 6 spread across a larger area, and unnamed, give as good service? I have no idea how to contact these folk!

Level Communities Forum meeting 6pm Tuesday 22nd March, agenda includes July Summer Festival, future management of Parks, local history walks, Know My Neighbour launch in May, Playdays in school hols, and wildlife planting ideas. If a committee member can attend it would be good (Rob cannot).

University of Sussex Accomodation Officer's letter seeking our support for on-campus new student rooms. We still felt that they fail to grasp that their planned growth far outstrips the numbers of places planned on campus. We need to know more, and felt that they'd hardly put themselves out to engage with us.

There is a film about Whitehawk Hill and its Neolithic past on show in the museum until 10th April.

Ted reported on the loss of our website, it is due up soon, but several weeks of updates seem to be lost. The new version may prove better. Incidently it seems that Dave Guest has been paying the annual domain name and website hosting fees for the RHS webpages for the last several years. Perhaps £200 over 5 years! He told Ted it was his contribution to the society. Perhaps we'd better thank him, and offer to take it back before they next fall due?

Ted laid on a huge spread for us. Thank you Ted, but we really shouldn't get into this feeding format. The local book group has noted a competitive element creeping into their meeting!

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