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RHS Minutes 2015-09-08

Minutes of the RHS meeting of 8th Sept 2015 at Carol's house, 36B Princes Road.

Present were Kate, Sandy, Barbara, Ray, Jan, Annie, Ted, Carol and Rob. Apologies received from Boo, Cllr West and PCSO Bonnie.

The Minutes of July 2015 meeting were approved after correcting the AGM date to 29th Sept.

Matters arising from the minutes:
The current position of the planning application at 6 Crescent Road was, we agreed, unclear.

Next meeting: at 51 Upper Lewes Rd (Rob's) 8pm on Tuesday 27th October 2015.

Playsafe events: Next is 13th Sept, Mayo Road 3 to 5pm. Annie doing tea from Barbara's. Barbara offering cake. Ted, Jane, Annie, Barbara and Kate all involved on the day and Barbara and Kate organising notices in street, on cars and through letter boxes. Kate will cretae a contact list sheet which Annie will use to gather info on possible future volunteers on the day. Kate to think about new dates for next year. Next event on Mayo, same time but on halloween. Annie will approach Rich House folk about long term storage of barriers.

AGM details: Barbara will not be there. 9 of us willing to stand again completed a proposal and seconding sheet. We should seek more members at AGM. Short reports on Greening (Jan) and handing out of £10 B&Q vouchers to 5 winners, Accounts from Carol, Playsafe from Kate, Wendy (Cranstouns) on Rich House (on early perhaps), The environment (dog poo and clean-ups) by Sandy, Long wall by Harry Brignull, Advent windows and Mayors parlour gathering and noticeboards/grant by Rob (secretary). DRARA and Triangle and Sylvan Hall groups to be invited to send reps (Rob will do Triangle and Sylvan Hall). Tea/coffee making and serving gear at the hall, we need to bring milk and makings if plan to offer anything. At the BHHC AGM on the 9th I was asked if I would be willing to join the Blue Plaque Committee. To do this the RHS has to agree to have me do it at its AGM - to that end I'd like to put this on the AGM agenda unless there are objections from other committee members.

Grant for 3 noticeboards: approved by Council now that they have had and accepted a report on last year's grant aided events - party and planters. Not sure if its in bank yet, Carol will find out. Ted and Jane have offered their front garden as a site, and we have a garden wall at top of Ashdown Road offered also. Need one morein SW area of RH.

Long Wall: Annie will invite Harry Brignull to talk at AGM about options in order to get the issue moving again.

Planning application updates:
Belton Road backlands has a full planning app in for 3 houses and 2 flats. Ted circulated copies of plan and spoke of need to get objections in, referring to overlooking and over development of the site of this once less built over 5 days a week daytime only occupation to full use of all space 24/7. Local resident Chris Yates is leading on this and will circulate draft objection letter locally, and may call on us to deliver more widely. We agreed to support documentation financially and to object to the application as a committee (who is doing that letter??).

Garden building at 101 RHC: Applicant employed ex-conservation officer of council to draft a good report in support of the applicaation, but we need to emphasise the importance of the out and in long views. Even if permission granted the owners of No 4 would have to give permission for the new house to be grafted onto theirs. Proposed building has a window and glazed door within 12-13m of windows of the 4 flats in 101 RHC. Recommended minimum distance for new devs is 20 metres.

Clean it up stencil campaign: We have the stencil and approval to spray short life paint coming from City Clean, and have approval from Councillors and lots of interest from Argus following Council press release. Annie and Sandy to borrow children (from Kate) for Argus photo-opportunity. Annie has done an initial survey of faecal deposition as a baseline measure to inform campaign effectiveness.

Crime update (sent in by Bonnie): 5 incidents reported over July and August, 4 vehicle related, one break in via basement door. Full details from Bonnie circulated as a separate document - to save me having to type it out again.

DRARA AGM notes from Carol: 40 folk attended their AGM including reps from neighbouring groups. DRARA holds monthly meetings, alternately business and social, it does not have a newsletter. Working on station underpass mosaic with young folk, a new planting for Duke of Yorks area, and have put up community noticeboards at DoY cinema. They would like all local groups to meet up at least once a year to share experiences. Carol will invite Elspeth Broady and Chris Sevink to our AGM.

AOB items:
Upper Lewes Road needs a traffic exclusion box at junction with east end of Rond Hill Crescent to stop the gridlock which currently occurs. Also a need explessed for a proper crossing at west end of RHC on ULR.

Veolia smells getting worse recently, more EA objections being made, but perhaps we need to take more control by setting up a Facebook page, and promoting its use whilst controlling users (local people only). Cllr West thinks we need to take action, and he, Annie, an EA rep and others are meeting on Council premises to discuss.

The committee agreed to renew subscription to B&H Heritage Commission (£35 affiliation fee), whose AGM was on 9th Sept at Middle St synagogue, followed by wine and nibbles at St Pauls, West Street. The Commission has earmarked £250 for RHS towards re-instating a traditional street light somewhere in RH. I think that the idea is to remove a swan neck top and replace it with a reproduction lantern (like the old gas lanterns, but electric of course).

Carol will buy 5 £10 B&Q gift vouchers for the 5 winners of the greening Round Hill event judged earlier (see Reporter), to be presented to winners at AGM (Jan to invite them to be there). Jan will see if son can design suitable certificate to accompany prizes.

Kate will see if Boo and Kath would like to hand on Twitter account management to her - she can do it during daily commute apparently.

Note for diaries - 20th Sept Planter primping. Annie to get plants and medium, she will oversee eatern pair, Rob at western pair. Barbara will investigate cleaning wax from them in order to repaint.

Older Peoples Council meeting in library 10.15am to 1pm on 15th Sept on theme of Inequality and the Care Act implementation.

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