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RHS Minutes 2015-07-02


Present : Barbara, Kate, Carol. Bonnie, Ted, Annie, Sandy, Chris Yates Apologies: Cath, Rob, Jan, Boo, Pete West

1. Update re proposed development of the land between Belton and Crescent Roads. Chris Yates provided info. on recent communication between residents close to the site and the developers. Current plans, modified to some extent to take into account residents’ concerns, are to be submitted to the planning office shortly. Responses need to be swift and must relate to published planning criteria. Pro-forma letters and background info will be distributed within RH. Ted will be available to advise via email.

2. Matters Arising from Minutes of 19th May 2015 Committee Meeting were approved. Matters Arising were as follows:

  • Playsafe/ Street Play (31 st May )---Kate reported poor weather and fewer kids than usual, but they came in dribs and drabs. Next one planned for 12 July.
  • RH Greening will be judged on 8th July by Jan, Barbara and Pete West. Prizes to be awarded at Street Picnic/party (renamed “Street Café” for 2015!)
  • Long Wall—Harry Brignull will draft a letter to neighbours asking for feedback on various options.

3. Date of next meeting: 8.00pm Tuesday 8th September at Carol’s.

4. Date of AGM: Wed 30th September. Venue to be decided.

5. Street Play and Street Café 12th July: 3.00-5.00pm, Mayo Road.

  • We are not as prepared for the street event as we were last year but decided to go ahead as an adjunct to the Street Play. Barbara, Annie, Rob, Sandy, Barbara and Boo will be attending and Bonnie hopes to come.
  • Tea, coffee, squash, biscuits and cakes to be offered at the top of Mayo Road. (R Rd will not be closed.) We need access to water and electricity as both Cath and Kate are away. (Not sure who is to approach the neighbour.) Committee invited to make cakes. Biscuits, tea, coffee, squash and plastic cups to be purchased.
  • Annie will design a street poster, Barbara will print 30 copies and Kate (and kids) will display them on lamp posts.
  • Rob will sort out grass and bunting.
  • Kate will liaise with Boo re marshals and the barriers/cones (stored by Cath).
  • We will use kettles rather than a tea urn which Carol said was slow to heat up. Sandy will bring a kettle. We need one more.
  • Boo is arranging a bike doctor to attend.
  • There will be a chalk competition and prizes.
  • Barbara will provide a table.
  • Entertainment? This will be done without amplification if it goes ahead.

6. Dog Poo poster

Poster designed by Carol will be piloted in her area. Another idea would be to have stencils of a dog along with a “clean it up” admonition on pavements. (Examples seen by Sandy and Barbara in other areas). The important thing is to keep this issue in people’s minds. Pavement graffiti to this effect could be effective??

7. Richmond House.

Annie has already provided a written report of the meeting with Cranstouns. Few younger residents with children were able to attend and it was concluded that the best way for them to voice concerns and views was via email or twitter. Perhaps Cath and Boo could get the word out to parents of school children. Wendy (Cranstouns) will be asked to attend the AGM.

8. Veolia

Annie, Tim Nicholls and Pete West will meet to discuss the problems caused by Veolia in the light of the “Bad Neighbours” Act. Ted will supply Annie with info. Noise assessment has taken place from Richmond Rd not in the immediate vicinity. Why?? Evidence re. noise needs to be collected from specific houses and the school. “Illegal” lorries are entering the site and causing noise that would be avoided were the lorries equipped to avoid reverse beeping as they should be in accordance with the law. Protests against this flouting of legal requirements have been in vain.

9. Heritage Weekend

Rob proposes to do research on 3-4 houses with interesting histories in R Hill and to publish the results. Sandy is interested in joining him in research at the Keep.

10. Crime Update from Bonnie: 7th June—vehicle keyed in Princes Crescent. 9th June—Criminal damage to front door. (Perpetrator known to the victim.)

11. Any Other Business - No 6 Crescent Road Development proposal: Carol and Ted showed the plans for an extension that looks gigantic, will overlook neighbouring houses and be too close to existing houses in addition to being aesthetically undesirable. Objections on-line need to be made asap.

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