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RHS Minutes 2015-01-20

Minutes of RHS meeting of 20th January 2015, held at 14 Mayo Road (Barbara’s)

Present: Barbara, Ted, Annie, Carol, Jan, Sandy, Rob, Boo (short visit), Bonnie and Harry Brignull (13 Wakefield Road, with special reference to murals at bottom of his road). Apologies received from Cath and Kate.

Minutes of Dec 2014 meeting were agreed as correct.

Date of next meeting: 8pm Tuesday 24th February at Carol’s. The minutes of the November meeting were agreed as accurate. Annie volunteered to see if the unused motorbike bay on Ashdown Rd might become a car space.

Murals – these appeared suddenly and without warning or consultation. Lots of views on Roundhill Yahoo site -split opinion, with majority of expressed views being against them as vivid, angry and loud. The painters claimed to have permission from Council. It turns out that the permission was for the wall on Upper Lewes Rd belonging to No 3 ULR (the prow-house). The tenant there (Spencer) approached managing agents and landlord, got the go-ahead and spoke to his muralling friends based at RedEye (electronic smoking supplier) in Gardner Street (main man Leon). They asked Council for permission and got it. This was a repainting of the Top Cat mural that had been there for some months. Since the meeting Richard Bradley (Head of City Infrastructure) seems to have discovered much of the mural was not done with permission – that is the long bit on the Sylvan Estate boundary wall, so CityClean will paint it over (returning it free for tagging?). The assumptions behind any permission granted is still very questionable as no consultation was planned or carried out with the communities affected. Ted will see if this sort of thing needs planning permission as it has a visual impact on a Conservation Area. Harry will write a piece for the March Reporter, using stuff received from us all. Rob will seek permission from Martin Scolding to use his stitched picture.

Seasonal singingTed will supply some pics of event for Reporter piece. £170 delivered to BHT. Rob to note that First Base info is available via the Roundhill website.

CityClean meeting – Sandy reported a good discussion with Richard Bradley. The talk covered bin types and impact of HMOs. We heard that the annual per household cost of street cleaning/recycling/refuse services is £65. It could fall if we increase recycling. CityClean provide info packs for students via Universities, and Richard will get us a copy, which we can use for reinforcement. It seems unlikely that the recycling bins will come back to Sainsbury’s because of lack of loading space. Richard offered to write a piece addressing issues raised by residents.

Neighbourhood SmarteningJan and Barbara will write a piece in Reporter embracing smartening front gardens, and offering to help, as well as improving fencing and other ‘public’ space. Perhaps we won’t sign up for the ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ scheme yet – it has to be one street, so not for Round Hill.

Cemetery tour for springRob to set date and get details from Maire McQueeney, so that it can go into the March Reporter.

Getting the newsletter to you – an article by Sandy for March Reporter. Sandy will create this.

Spring Clean-up – We agreed on the morning of Sunday 15th March. Douglas at Amplicon may wish to get involved along or mutual boundary – Annie to pursue. Catcreep on agenda, Annie will write for Reporter.

RHS event at Mayor’s Parlour – Pleasing offer from Mayor Brian Fitch, up to 40 folk, being committee, Reporter deliverers, those who have offered extra help in campaigns and communal stuff. Rob to generate a list.

Older Peoples Council – Council to cease funding. Could run in another form. Annie to write to Council, Ted has sent additional possible recipient list. (Annie, did you agree to do this one? Or should I volunteer?)

Bonnie’s crime stats – bike theft Upper Lewes Rd 10th Dec; 21 Dec 6.30pm - Burglary in Princes Crescent (near Richmond Road whilst house occupied) – access gained via back door; 25 Dec motor bike moved and damaged on Upper Lewes Rd; 23/24 Dec wing mirror damaged in RHC; 28 Dec man arrested and charged outside Martha Gunn, having been ejected earlier; between 21st and 30 Dec a resident of The Limes had screw put in his car tyre; 8-11 Jan bike stolen from D’Aubigny Rd; 15th Jan 7 – 8.45pm burglary in Princes Rd (nearly opposite Crescent Rd), access via back door.

Playsafe date Sunday 12th April – piece from Boo for Reporter.

Andy Durr died recently – short piece in Reporter using pic of him at street party 2000 when mayor.

Milkman article from Jan (and he might take an advert).

Student piece on living in Round Hill by Jan’s student neighbours.

Fire on Princes Crescent - piece on danger of leaving dishwashers running when out or asleep.

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