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RHS Minutes 2014-09-09

Minutes of the RHS meeting on Tuesday 9th Sept 2014

Present: Sandy, Barbara, Deborah, Annie, Ted, Kate, Boo, Rob and Bonnie.

Apologies received from Carol, Cath and Jan.

The minutes of the meeting held on 10th June 2014 were approved. Matters arising: Crescent Rd backland development withdrawn, we await developments (pun intended). Chalks proved a highlight of Playsafe event – cheaper source may be Economy in Westergate Rd Moulscoomb (Fairway Trading Estate). No need for drinks for Playsafe. The picnic was good, as were the musicians – a big thank you to all who contributed.

Future Playsafe events: The Boo, Cath & Kate working group have decided dates and locations as follows: 5th Oct in Mayo Rd 3-5pm; 31st Oct (Halloween) top end Crescent Rd 3-5pm; 12th April, 31st May, 12th July (with street party?), 13th Sept and 31st Oct 2015. They plan to have street permissions for all soon, and will seek specific help from us as they need it. At a request from Bruce Rob suggested a Dr Bike stand at 5th Oct Playsafe.

Next meeting 8pm on the 8th October at 51 Upper Lewes Road (Rob’s).

AGM planning: Booked at Downs First School from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, but starts at 7pm (set up time). Cllr West invited. Though Carol is away the accounts will be ready for scrutiny, and we agreed to cover the last year as a series of individual presentations as follows: Playsafe/picnic – Boo and Kate, Richmond House – Annie, Seasonal singing – Rob, Rubbish & tidy-up – Sandy, Waste Transfer Station – Ted (if in town), Planter – Rob, Reporter & website – Annie, Crescent & Belton Rds backland – Sally & Paul (if possible), Lampposts – Rob, Policing – Bonnie. Election of officers – we agreed roles and associated names, and proposed and seconded them from known folk, there is room for up to 2 or 3 new members. Hopefully the following posts will go through unopposed: Annie as Chair, Sandy as Deputy-chair, Rob as Secretary, Carol as Treasurer, Ted as CAG/planning lead, Kate, Boo and Cath as Playsafe portfolio, and Barbara, Deborah and (we hope) Jan. We agreed to group ourselves under classes to aid effective contact – but I’m short on detail. Planning/CAG/Conservation (Ted), Environmental Issues (Deborah and Sandy), and Community events (Boo, Cath and Kate) groups. Allocation of other members tbc. We will finish with request for new blood, on committee or just project specific input, and run through some things we might address to tempt new folk – refuse/recycling new initiative, possible retro lamppost, AND WHAT ELSE?? Rob will arrange the wine, soft drink and glasses. The school caretaker is Michael Button, on 07515 274376. The cost will be £66.

B&H Heritage Commission AGM: £35 renewal agreed. I had the opportunity to outline our recent planning and lamppost activity. The Sussex Industrial Archaeological Society is keen to help us archive/record lampposts. BHHC has since suggested we might like to pursue either a street nameplate or lamppost lantern of early design somewhere on Round Hill – we agreed lantern a nicer idea, but need financial implications first.

Improving Public Realm a discussion instigated by two members of CAG: We discussed three questions: 1.What evidence exists of deterioration of the public realm? 2. What experience do we have in influencing improvements? 3. If public realm needs more attention how can we do it? The key issues which arose were XS letting boards, dumping beside big-bins, poor refuse and recycling collection and ongoing damage to historic street lighting. Ted prepared a full report for CAG and circulated it to us.

Neighbourhood Planning meetings: Rob outlined the state of play after two meetings which Ted and he attended. Whilst everyone agreed the process was useful for the contact and common ground being shared we are still defining boundaries of the proposed Neighbourhood. Whether the grand plan will survive the detailed process is up for debate.

AOB: The role of working groups or portfolio groups was discussed – and it will continue. Sandy and Annie led a discussion on the refuse/recycling issues particularly of Round Hill Crescent, and the survey sent out with current Reporter, the idea of covering wheelie bins with a sticky back plastic designed for RHC, Issues of poor Council info (no reply to e-mails, poor phone responses, wrong info on website. Lots of bad performance stories (which would be worth recording). Big-bin at east end RHC a magnet for fly-tipping (as are the others especially now as buildings being revamped for income generation). XS binvelopes need to be taken away, size of wheelie bin should reflect household need, binmen ignore private bins, only dealing with wheelie bins. Mayo Court has space for another recycling bin, but has not managed to get one. We discussed the skatepark events and noise and subsequent Level Forum meeting earlier this evening where the problem discussed and perhaps resolved for any future events.

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