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A quick guide to our website

  • RHS Committee Meeting Minutes page for PDF Files on what is discussed at each meeting (New at Carol Hall's suggestion)
  • Our Planning Section, now contains over 100 articles.

    Our Site Directory, which lists all of them, offers a chronology of some of The Round Hill Society's longest-running attempts to ward off unsuitable developments.
  • Our History section contains articles on our neighbourhood's early development, a past still reflected in our conservation area's character, appearance and heritage assets - a powerful reference point for local school children &/or new residents interested in gaining greater knowledge of the place where they now live.
  • Our Gardens & Wildlife section containing over 3 dozen articles on RH wildlife offers a rich fund of local knowledge. Round Hill's flora & fauna are also among our treasures, but are under constant threat since all our green spaces are on privately owned plots. 
  • Our Tradespeople page shares local residents' recommendations.
  • Our support for older people's page is intended for both the over 50s and residents of any age-group who support older people wishing to remain in their homes. A brief description is also given of the work of Brighton & Hove's Older People's Council
  • If you are looking for activities for children, a good external link is www.childfriendlybrighton.co.uk where you can find a good page on child-friendly activities planned for The Level. Families who like the outdoors can help to maintain their local woodland by volunteering for Friends of Hollingbury & Bursted Woods monthly Sat/Sun sessions. FHBW now have a Facebook Page publicising woodland related events.
  • Round Hill on Twitter - if you have a Twitter Account, you can follow other Round Hill residents' Tweets (i.e. short messages) at https://twitter.com/RoundhillSoc.
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